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    accredited hospitals

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    With the current rate of malpractice suits, do hospitals need to be accredited to maintain high standards?

    How do we go about setting the appropriate standards when no two people react the same way to medical treatments?

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    Studies do show accredited hospitals have better performance. The Joint Commission which is the largest accrediting agency helps hospitals set standards of care. For example: pneumonia, heart failure, and acute MI were recent targeted standards of care set by The Joint Commission. A hospital that is accredited will continuously strive to meet these standards of care. The Joint Commission made patient safety a number one priority. The accredited hospitals will strive to continue improvement processes to meet these standards. When a hospital is accredited they want to stay accredited. The accrediting agency can also help with process improvement and clinical pathways that manage high risk illness. Reduction in error is key in the accrediting process and hospitals do have to show ...

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    This solution offers evidence to validate accredited hospitals and their benefits. References are also listed to promote research.