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    Historical Development of Hospitals in the United States

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    - Trace the major historical developments of hospitals in the United States.
    - Identify the major historical events of hospitals in a country outside of the United States.
    - Compare and contrast the history of both countries' hospitals, and discuss which one you feel has evolved to more effectively provide patient care.
    - Be sure to provide rationale for your choice of which hospital more effectively provides care.

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    Hospital organizations in the United States have a very humble beginning, in which the treatment of the poor and or elderly individuals for sickness or illness was largely conducted in the name of charity. In essence, private individuals ran what was known as alms houses, in which individuals who cannot care for themselves were provided with food and shelter, and invariably medical care as these individuals developed illnesses due to contraction of disease, injuries, as well as old age. The interesting thing about this concept is that it predates American independence, due to the fact that these types of facilities or charitable homes are quite commonplace by the mid 1700s. Many of these alms houses grew into hospital organizations in cities such as New York and New Orleans etc. In the mid-1860s, hospitals in the United States became established institutions, with differing departments and specializations within them, which was sparked by the tremendous need for hospital modernization and facilities during the Civil ...