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Patient Abandonment in a Hospital

As a clerk in the risk-management department at a local hospital, you are familiar with the concepts of patient abuse in the health care industry. Given your expertise in the field, you have been asked are to host a discussion panel on the abuse of patient abandonment with your colleagues.

What type of abuse does this represent?

How could the abuse have been prevented?

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Patient abandonment is an example of patient abuse that has detrimental circumstances for any patient that has to suffer such an indignity. In addition, patient abandonment is a form of abuse that is physical, psychological, financial, and medical. This form of abuse covers such a large area within the abuse paradigm, due to the fact that patient abandonment affects the victim at many different levels, which exacerbates the detrimental effects that this form of abuse has on individuals. In addition, abandonment can even have fatal repercussions for some patients, due to the fact that their illnesses require a great deal of attention.

Patient abandonment represents ...