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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Case Study

Learning Team Assignment Health Care Case Study: Financial Statements

â?¢ Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital financial statements in the Virtual Organization. Grading criteria located in Week Two on your student website.
â?¢ Write a summary that addresses the following:

o Annual report, including the Patton-Fuller financial statements

ï?§ How did the audited and unaudited financial statements differ?
ï?§ Are the financial ratios for the hospital improving? Explain. Priscilla

o Relationship between revenue sources and expenses on Patton-Fullerâ??s financial performance Priscilla

ï?§ What is the effect of revenue sources on financial reporting at the hospital?
ï?§ How are the hospitalâ??s revenues and expenses grouped for planning and control?

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1. Are the financial ratios for the hospital improving?

Utilizing the hospital financial records from 2008 and 2008, an evaluation of some of the financial ratios can be made to analyze the current financial trend of PFCH. For the purpose of accuracy, we will use the audited reports provided by Albert, Brooks, Borze & Stoops, LLC, Certified Public Accountants. The following financial ratios are performed:

A. Liquidity Ratio: this ratio will provide information regarding the hospital's ability to meet its short-term financial obligations. Creditors extending short-term credit to the facility are interested in this particular ratio and prefer higher ratios to reduce their risk. Shareholders, on the other hand, would prefer this ratio to be low as an indicator that more of the ...

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