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Inconsistency Between High Customer Satisfaction and High Sales

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For many years, healthcare organizations, as well as traditional businesses, have been frustrated that high customer satisfaction scores do not necessarily lead to higher levels of profitability or sales. Explain why this inconsistency tends to exist.

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The following posting discusses the inconsistency between high customer satisfaction and high sales.

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High customer service scores are an expectation of most businesses. In healthcare, they are essential to repeat business and hopefully profitability. The problem is that the scoring system is often skewed by overzealous staff people who are rewarded by high marks in customer satisfaction. They encourage their patients or clients to fill out the questionnaires and to make sure that they report that they were treated well. This is a form of brainwashing of the customer. Another method used by many organizations is word cueing. In customer service training, staff is taught to say words that are on the questionnaires so the customer will ...

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