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    General Hospital Information

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    1 - history of hospital (when, was created, why,.....
    2 - general description of hospital role
    3 - specializations: (what hospital is specialize for)
    4 - departments ( different departments in the hospital ( cardiology, cancer ......
    5 - role of the hospital in healthcare before, now and in the future
    6 - the problem that hospitals face in:
    a) patient protection
    b) care act
    7 - the problems that the hospital are going to face in the future in:
    a) health care reform law
    b) association regulation
    8 - analyze benefits and risks for hospital

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    History: Wake medical hospital was created or founded in 1961 in order to serve the area the state capital of Raleigh North Carolina, and the surrounding area. This hospital was created or developed in order to provide the latest technology in healthcare to an area that had a rapidly growing population, and that needed larger and more sophisticated healthcare facilities in order to address the needs of the people in the area.

    General Info: Wake med is a large hospital facility with this main facility located within Raleigh North Carolina, with additional outpatient facilities and other supplementary facilities located in the surrounding triangle area. This hospital is a nearly 900 bed facility, that has various departments that specialize in every area of medical ...

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    The general hospital information for general descriptions are provided. The role of the hospital in healthcare before are given.