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Electronic Engineering

Transmission Errors in System A

See the attached file. 2. System A consists of a single ring with 100 stations, one per repeater. System B consists of four 25 stations rings linked by a bridge. If the probability of a link failure is, a repeater failure is, and a bridge failure is, derive an expression for parts (a) to (e). 50 points a) Probability of fail

Solve: Unit Pulse Response

Please show the detailed steps: Compute the unit-pulse response h[n] for the discrete-time system y[n+2]+2y[n+1]+y[n]=x[n] (for n = 0, 1, 2, 3).

Plotting through matlabMatlab

Consider a finite-support signal x(t) = t 0<=t<=1 and zero elsewhere. - Using Matlab, plot x(t+1) - Using Matlab, plot x(-t+1) - Add the above two signals together and plot the new signal y(t).

Output voltage, maximum error and potentiometer characteristics

a) Calculate the value of Output voltage at 50% b) Draw a graph of the 'tapper' position, Vo. c) Indicate on the graph the ideal characteristics of such a system. d) Calculate the maximum error as a percentage of the true value. e) Suggest how the system could be improved to give a characteristic closer to the idea The in

NMOS FET and BJT Analysis

Show all logic/work/sources leading up to the conclusions drawn for each problem. 1. In an NMOS FET, why does the drain current reach a maximum value, independent of increasing drain-to-source voltage? 2. Quite frequently, one needs to control a light emitting diode with a microprocessor output pin. A typical LED requi

Op-amp circuit measurements

The op-amp circuit measures the changes of temperature in a system. The output voltage is given by v0(t) = -R(t)vi(t). Suppose that the temperature in the system changes cyclically after t = 0, so that R(t) = [1 +0.5 cos(20πt)] u(t) and let the input voltage be vi(t) = 1 volt. Assuming that the switch closes at t0 = 0 sec,

Transients in R-L-C circuits

Please see attached file on Transients in RLC circuits and Laplace transform. Please complete the following examples and show detailed workings and narratives including transposition of formula and graphical display where required.

Control System - Frequency of Oscillation

A- For the feedback control system equation s³ +(1+k) s²+10s+(5+15k)=0 The parameter k must be positive. What is the maximum value k can assume before the system becomes unstable? When k is equal to the maximum value, the system oscillates. Determine the frequency of oscillation. B- For the feedback control sys

Tuning methods for PID controllers

I am investigating tuning methods for PID controllers of 2nd order and 3rd order control systems. Eg. Zieglar Nichols, etc. . Will 2nd and 3rd order DC Servo Motor control systems offer enough rigour and challenge to the tuning methods or should I chose another control system to model and to compare tuning methods? The PID

Varley bridge/ Wheatstone bridge

The Varley loop test is a method of fault location in telecom and pilot wire circuits where fairly high circuit resistances are encountered. This solution determines the distance to the fault. 3. A Varley Bridge is connected to a faulty three-core copper cable by two identical copper leads of resistance R1. (a) Show that for

Motorola MC68000 Microprocessor Unit (MPU) Programming

With reference to the Motorola MC68000 microprocessor unit (MPU): Refer to the array and storage map drawn in Figure 2A and the list of instructions tabulated in Table 2 and hence, in MC68000 assembler language, write a program to print the contents of an array of data stored in memory. The array (DATA) comprises sixteen (16)

Poles, stability and steady-state response

The steady-state solution of stable systems is due to simple pole in the j-Omega axis of the s-plane coming from the input. Suppose the transfer function of the system is H(s) = Y(s)/X(s) = 1 / [(s+1)^2 + 4] (a) Find the poles and zeros of H(s) and plot them in the s-plane. Find then the corresponding impulse response h(t

An A/D conversion circuit with 10 bit resolution has an input range of 0-5 V.

(a) An A/D conversion circuit with 10 bit resolution has an input range of 0-5 V. A second has a 12 bit resolution and an input range of 0-10 V. Calculate the digital output value that will represent a 2 V input for both of the A/D converters. Convert the digital levels in both cases to hexadecimal and then to binary values.

Using Laplace transforms to analyse diff circuits responses

Laplace transforms enable interpretation and manipulation of different signals by viewing these signals as either time domain signals/pulse or else frequency domain representations. A number of examples are presented in these solutions showing how such tranforms may be maniupluted to better understand circuit driving forces. A n

Critical frequency of coupling and collector-bypass circuits

Please show detailed steps taken to arrive at final answer. Please refer to the attachment for complete questions and the mentioned figures. 1. If beta in the figure equals 150, what is the critical frequency of the input coupling circuit? 2. If beta in the figure equals 200, what is the critical frequency of the output

Electrical circuit analysis

Find the Thevenin equivalent voltage and current for the network shown in Figure 1-2 if V1 = 6V, R1 = 4 Ohm, R2 = 8 Ohm. Also find the Norton equivalent circuit to Figure 1-2. Please refer to the attachment for the mentioned figure.

Transfer Functions and Steady State Analysis

Please help in understanding how to solve the following problems. 1. The impulse response for a circuit is h(t) = e^-t, t >= 0. What is the response function of the circuit in the s-domain if the input is f(t) = cos(2t)? 2. The transfer function for a circuit is H(s) = 1/[(s+2)(s+5)]. What are the poles? Is this an impulse

A/D Converter, Level Shifter

Using the Level Shifter shown in the attachment, design a circuit that will shift a signal from from +/- 25 volts (50 volts P-P) to 0 to 5 volts. Assume R1=R3=100K and R2=R4. 1. Give the value for Vref with 1 decimal point of precision. 2. Give the value for R2=R4 in K ohms. Suppose an A/D converter uses a reference vo

Electronic Circuit

See attached for full description of problems. 1. Determine the Laplace transform of ?(t) = + 5e^-4t + 12sin 3t. 2. If v(t) = 10e^-t/3 for some circuit, when does the voltage fall to 37% of its initial value? 3. Let ?(t) = sin2t. What is the Laplace transform of d? / dt ? 4. The charge in a certain capacitor varies as q =

Can you provide an explanation to the following problems.

12. Using the table, what is the byte stored at address 2F? Address Data 2E CB05 30 9AFC 32 3007 A) CB B) 05 C) 9A D) FC 13. Using the table, what is the byte stored at address 33? Address Data 2E CB05 30 9AFC 32 3007 A) 9A B) FC C) 07 D) 30 14. When the word value $1234 is stored

Access Control: Example Problem

Physical Facilities Prepare a 700-100 word paper that compares and contrasts the use of electronic technology in relationship to the use of personnel and access control, surveillance, and identification of authorized personnel. Determine which is better and why. Please include references.