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    Tuning methods for PID controllers

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    I am investigating tuning methods for PID controllers of 2nd order and 3rd order control systems. Eg. Zieglar Nichols, etc. .

    Will 2nd and 3rd order DC Servo Motor control systems offer enough rigour and challenge to the tuning methods or should I chose another control system to model and to compare tuning methods?

    The PID controllers are to be modeled in Matlab/ Simulink (Student Version). What existing toolboxes/ functions can be used and if any customization will be involved?

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    I will divide your question in 3 parts, so the response is as follows:

    PID controllers can be used to control higher order systems but unfortunately most of the tuning methods take into account
    simple models. For example, Ziegler Nichols tuning formulates the tuning rules for a first order plus dead time system (FOPDT).

    For the second part, I would say that a higher order model is always good as it is more enriched, carrying more information
    of the ...

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    This solution briefly explains the tuning methods for PID controllers of 2nd and 3rd order control systems.