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Output voltage, maximum error and potentiometer characteristics

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a) Calculate the value of Output voltage at 50%
b) Draw a graph of the 'tapper' position, Vo.
c) Indicate on the graph the ideal characteristics of such a system.
d) Calculate the maximum error as a percentage of the true value.
e) Suggest how the system could be improved to give a characteristic closer to the idea

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Assume Taper position = x (in %)

Hence, resistance in parallel with recorder (RL = 0.5 kOhm)
R1 = 3*x/100 = 0.03x kOhm
Remaining resistance,
R2 = 3 - R1 = 3 - 0.03x

Parallel R1 and RL:

R|| = 0.5*0.03x/(0.5+0.03x) = 0.015x/(0.5+0.03x)

Net resistance of the ...

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The solution describes variation of output voltage across load with change in potentiometer resistance taken into account.