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    Output voltage in Amps

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    Consider the circuit in attached figure L9.12. Suppose that the voltage at the V+ input pin of the op-amp is +5VDC.
    What will the output voltage out be if the input voltage is in=3V?
    What will the output voltage out be if the input voltage is in=7V?

    Op amps are a new concept to me so i need help understanding how they behave.

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    I'm going to approach this conceptually since that seems to be where your struggles lie.

    First, understand that op-amps are differential amplifiers that amplify the voltage difference between the V+ and V- terminals. What you have in this case, is a diode that determines whether there is a feedback path or not, based on whether it is forward or reverse biased.

    We have been told that the V+ is 5V.

    Assuming an ideal op-amp:

    Vin = 3V case: Remember that no current enters or ...

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    Output voltage in amps is examined.