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Operational Amp

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Just wanted to know about the Op Amp different types and how it works. Please include diagram if needed.

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Just wanted to know about the Op Amp different types and how it works. Please include diagram if needed.

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I have attached your solution. I work with Opamps almost daily at my job. I didn't know how much to explain you in this regard but the material attached should get you a good background on things.

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The usual circuit symbol for an op-amp is:

• V+: non-inverting input
• V−: inverting input
• Vout: output
• VS+: positive power supply (sometimes also VDD, VCC, or VCC + )
• VS−: negative power supply (sometimes also VSS, VEE, or VCC − )


The term operational amplifier or "op-amp" refers to a class of high-gain DC coupled amplifiers with two inputs and a single output. The modern integrated circuit version is typified by the famous 741 op-amp. Some of the general ...

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