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Control of an electric heating system

Attached is a drawing showing the block diagram of the control of an electric heating system. The heater is driven from a voltage-controlled power supply, the voltage V1 being derived from a potentiometer. The output temperature, 0 degree, is subject to disturbances, 0D, because of changes in the ambient temperature. It is proposed to apply 'disturbance feedback control, to the system by the inclusion of a transducer that measures the external temperature and feeds a signal back to the input via a proportional controller of gain H.

Determine the required value of H to eliminate the effect of the disturbance.

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When theta_D is passed to Transducer, the Transducer provides output = 0.05*theta_D volt
[Note: degree C * Volt/degree C = Volt]

This output (0.05*theta_D) acts a input for the Proportional controller.

As, Proportional controller gain is H, the output of the Proportional controller, ...

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A numerical problem of control of heating system with feedback system.