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    Erlang Problems

    See attached files for full problem descriptions. 1) A cellular system has a total of 756 channels available. Each subscriber makes an average of 3 calls per hour and each call lasts about 2.5 minutes. The system operator estimates network capacity based on a 3 percent blocking probability. (a) The first system design is b

    Bipolar Differential Amplifier

    What is the value of the current IEE required to achieve Rid=5Mohm in the circuit in figure if BETA-100? What is the common-mode input range of this amplifier? RC=330K VCC=12V VEE=12V REE=270K

    Working with an Audio Mixer

    A certain mixer is producing the following frequencies: 900 kHz, 700 kHz, 500 kHz, and 200 kHz. What are the two most likely input frequencies?

    AC Sine Wave

    An AC sine wave is applied to the input of a full wave rectifier. The output of the full wave rectifier is then applied to a half wave rectifier. The output of the half wave rectifier will most closely resemble: The original sine wave? An inverted form of the original sine wave? The output of the full wave rectifier? None

    Electronics - Logic Gates

    Two 2-input logic gates, a NAND gate and a NOR gate, each have one input at logic HIGH (''1'') level, and the other input at logic LOW (''O'') level. Each output forms the two inputs of a 2-input OR gate. The output of that OR gate is a logic? 0? 1? 2? 3? ........and why?

    State space model for buck and grass

    A game reserve has two grass fields separated by a crocodile infested river. Buck live on both sides of the river... Conserved Variable = State Variables which are defined... See attached file for full problem description.

    Circuit Elements - Circuit Model and Power

    The voltage and current were measured at the terminals of the device (a) Construct a circuit model for this device using an ideal voltage ... (b) Use the model to predict the amount of power the device will deliver to ... Please see attachment for complete question and diagram. Thanks.

    Solve: Circuit Elements

    Please view the attachment to see the figure and full question. If the interconnection in the figure is valid, find the power developed by the current sources. If the interconnection is not valid, please explain why.

    Circuit Analysis: Open Switch

    Refer to the following circuit. Assume that the switch has been open for a long time, and that it closes at time=0sec. The switch remains closed therafter. Solve for Vx(t) and ix(t) as shown on the circuit diagram.

    Circuit analysis and current

    A 5.1K resistor is connected between the cathode of a 6.2V zener diode and a 12V power supply. The anode of the diode is connected to 6V. Approximately how much current will flow through the diode?

    Op-amp and RC circuit analysis

    For the following circuit (see attachment), how do I find the Laplace transform of the transfer function V0(s)/V1(s)? Would this be considered a low or high pass filter?

    Circuit Plotting

    How would I plot a graph for the following RLC circuit which shows the magnitude of Z (the input impedance) as a function of frequency from 10Hz to 10KHz? See attached file for full problem description.

    Circuit Analysis

    Consider the given circuit; the voltage step is an "ideal" pulse going from 0V to 4V and then back to 0V; the pulse width is 5 microseconds wide. How do I find the voltage across the resistor, Vr(t) 7 microseconds after the rising edge of the input impulse?

    Phase angle and margin

    I'm trying to find the angles of departure and angles of arrival for an equation. In my current problem, I am looking for the angle of departure for GH=10(s+z)/s^2 (also GH(jw)=10(jw+z)/(jw^2) The angle of departure is defined as 180 degrees plus the phase angle of GH computed at the complex pole, but ignoring the contrib


    A capacitor is used in the electronic flash unit of a camera. A small battery with a constant voltage of 6 V is used to charge the capacitor with a constant current of 10 microamperes. How long does it take to charge the capacitor when C = 10 microfarads? My Answer: V=6V i=10mA C=10microF Wc=1/2CV^2*(t) Wc=1/2(10^-5)6^2*(t

    Electric Heater: Power and Resistance

    The Problem: An electric heater is connected to a constant 250-V source and absorbs 1000 W. Subsequently, this heater is connected to a constant 210 V source. What power does it absorb from the 210-V source? What is the resistance of the heater?

    Closed Loop Control Systems

    2. a) In this question you have to determine the closed loop transfer function and then use the characteristic equation to determine the closed loop poles (roots) of the system. Prove that the closed loop transfer function is given by: C(s)/R(s) = G(s)/(I + G(s)H(s)) b) What is the significance of the characteristic equati

    Logic Circuit Question

    Question: The outputs of two "NAND" gates are connected to the inputs of an "Exclusive Or" gate. Each of the "NAND" gates has one input at a logic high level, and the other input at a logic low level. What is the output of the "Exclusive Or" gate? a) Logic high b) Logic low c) Logic low, unless the output is "open collecto

    RC Series Circuit

    I am attaching a scanned image of a question, please answer and include the method used for solving. See attached file for full problem description.

    Transient response of second order circuit

    Assume DC steady-state conditions exist for t>0. Determine the voltage across the capacitor and the current through the inductor and Rs2 as t approaches infinity. See attachment for diagram.

    Current Through a Capacitor in Steady State Conditions

    Determine the current through the capacitor just before and just after the switch is closed in the figure. Assume steady-state conditions for t<0. V1 = 12 V C= 0.5uF R1 = 0.68K Ohms R2 = 1.8K Ohms Please see attachment for diagram.

    Working with Electrical Grounding and Polarity

    To whom it may concern, From chemistry I understand that electron flow is from negative to positive, in the external circuit. I also understand that "conventional current" flows positive to negative, and is used to solve mathamatical electricity problems and it was determined back in the day as current direction. But, if t

    Symmetrical Components of Line Circuits

    Determine the symmetrical components of the following line circuits: Ia = 100A, Ib = j100A, and Ic = 0A. There are four possible options in the attached file.

    Control Systems - Root Locus

    Draw the positive and negative gain root locus for the closed loop system with the open loop transfer function L(s)=... The following information may be used: Angles of departure... Break away points... (See attachment for all details).