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Electronic Engineering

LC Circuit with constant current source and 2 switches

Hi, I know you do not do homework assignments but I am studying for a test tomorrow and these are practice tests with no answers and so I really need to learn how to do them. Could you please help me understand the entire problem (again, this is not a homework problem, just practice)? See the attachment.

Systems and Simulation: Bode Plots

For a "notch" filter with transfer function P(s) = [s^2 + 0.1s + 1]/[s^2 + 10.1s +1] i) Sketch the asymptotic Bode magnitude plot on a piece of logarithmic graph paper ii) Correct your asymptotic sketch at 0.5, 1 and 2 times the value of each corner frequency, and iii) Make a reasonable sketch of the Bode phase plot on a sepa

Dynamic Behaviour of a System

Could you please simulate the dynamic behaviour of the system using matlab and simulink for the mass - spring system? Please refer to the attachment.

Complimentary Output Rectifier

In the complementary output rectifier, If Vs=26*sin 2*pi*60*t Volts, sketch the output waveforms vo+ and vo- versus time, assuming Vgamma=.6V for each diode. I don't understand the graphic questions. Will there ever be a time when the voltage goes negative? because it looks like a FWR. Thanks

Heating Element Conducted

An electric heating element is connected to a 110 v circuit and a current of 3.2 A is flowing through the element. How much energy is used up during a period of 5 hours by the element? (a) 352wh (b) 550wh (c) 1,760wh (d) 2,580wh

Deriving a multilevel circuit

Consider the function in the attached file- the cost of the minimal SOP expression is 14, which includes four gates and 10 inputs to the gates. Use Shannon's expansion to derive a multilevel circuit that has a lower cost and give the cost of your circuit.

Relationship of Logic Expressions

Determine the relationship between the two logic expressions. Please see attached MS Word file for the complete program, in order to answer which of the following relationships is true. A. f= g+x1 B. f= g C. f= g + x2 D. none of the above

Ripple voltage in diode circuit

Determine the capacitance required in a half wave rectifier to produce a ripple voltage less than 0.2V. Assume that the input is a 60Hz signal with maximum voltage VM=100V and the load resistance R= 10kW. I'm confused. What formulas do I use and how do I solve this?