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Electronics - Logic gates

Two 2-input logic gates, a NAND gate and a NOR gate, each have one input at logic HIGH (''1'') level, and the other input at logic LOW (''O'') level. Each output forms the two inputs of a 2-input OR gate. The output of that OR gate is a logic?
........and why?

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The NAND gate truth table is (the first two bits are the inputs and the last bit is the output) :

00 1
01 1
10 1
11 0

The NAND (NOT AND) gate is the conjugate of the AND operation, so it will be "0" only if the two inputs are "1".

So in our case the NAND gate ...

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The solution contains a detailed analysis on NAND gate truth tables. The solution explains the inputs and outputs into the gate. The solution also has helpful links for further studies.