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    Current Through a Capacitor in Steady-State Conditions

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    Determine the current through the capacitor just before and just after the switch is closed in the figure. Assume steady-state conditions for t<0.

    V1 = 12 V
    C= 0.5uF
    R1 = 0.68K Ohms
    R2 = 1.8K Ohms

    Please see attachment for diagram.

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    a) Just before the switch is closed, i.e. at t = 0(-)

    There is no current any where in the whole circuit. Voltage across the parallel combo. of C and R2 is zero and hence,

    Current through C = 0.0 A

    b) When the switch is closed at t= 0, the capacitor voltage cannot change ...

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    The solution explains in detailed steps how to find the current through the capacitor described in the question, assuming steady-state conditions, for a range of values of t (time) with small portions of written explanation to accompany the calculations.