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Circuit analysis

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The following circuit is left operating for a long time, until it reaches a DC steady state. (see diagram in the attached file)

a) Determine the DC steady state values for i1, i2, and v3.
b) Determine how much power the 24 V voltage source is supplying.
c) Calculate how much energy is stored in the 4 micro farad capacitor, the 20 mH inductor and the 10 micro farad capacitor.

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The following posting helps with problems involving circuit analysis. Concepts covered include steady state values, power and energy.

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Solution : The given circuit is redrawn below :

(see attached file)

a) In the steady state there will be i) no current through the capacitors (as the capacitors are fully charged) and ii) the potential drop across the inductor will be zero (because there is induced emf across an inductor as long as the current through it is varying and at steady state, the currents in the circuit are constant).

Let the current being supplied by the battery be i. Then applying Kirchhoff's current rule we get : i = i2 - i1 .........(1)

Applying Kirchhoff's voltage rule ...

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