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Electric circuit analysis problems

Electric circuit analysis problems. See attached file for full problem description.


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Problem 1

R=1 ohm I(mA)

+ 1

V L= 400 mH I

t (ms)

For the inductive circuit we can write the following equation using Kirchhoff's loop law :

V = RI + L dI/dt .........(1)

From the given graph I vs t we can write the following equation for the current as a function of time :

I = ¼ t ..........(2)

Substituting For I from (2) in (1) :

V = R(1/4 t) + L d/dt(1/4 t)

Or V = (R/4) t + L/4

Substituting R = 1 ohm, L = 400 mH = 0.4 H

V = ¼ t + 0.1 .........(3)

Voltage described by (3) will generate the current shown in the above graph. It is shown in ...

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Two problems on electric circuit analysis. Problem 1 dealing with current and voltage in an inductive circuit has been solved using Kirchhoff's loop law. Problem 2 deals with magnitude of current for opening of a fuse in an inductive circuit.