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    Human discharge through a resistive object

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    FIGURE 1 shows the electrostatic equivalent circuit of a human being. A person is charged to 20 kV and touches an object having a 50 Ω resistance to ground. Determine the following:
    (a) the maximum current which will flow in the object
    (b) the rise time of the current
    (c) the decay time of the current
    (d) the maximum voltage to which the object is charged.

    (See attached file for figure)

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    Electric circuit is closed by means of mechanical and electrical contact between a human being and the grounded
    resistive object as shown in the modified FIG. 1. Initially, a charged person has a voltage uo = 20 kV across the
    model capacitor C and electric current is not flowing through the circuit (i0 = 0).
    Current - voltage ...

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    This solution covers in detail with step-by-step instructions how to calculate the dynamics of human body discharge through a resistive object. The human body is presented by an equivalent circuit model. Solution contains 3 pages of analysis with the necessary expressions and an illustration of the complete electric circuit.