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    Signal Energy and RC Circuit - Matlab

    Please see attachment for complete question. The signal x(t) = e^(-|t|) is defined for all values of t. (a) Plot the signal x(t) and determine if this signal is finite energy. (b) If you determine that x(t) is absolutely integrable, could you say that x(t) has finite energy? Explain why or why not. Hint: Plot |x(t)| an

    An A/D conversion circuit with 10 bit resolution has an input range of 0-5 V.

    (a) An A/D conversion circuit with 10 bit resolution has an input range of 0-5 V. A second has a 12 bit resolution and an input range of 0-10 V. Calculate the digital output value that will represent a 2 V input for both of the A/D converters. Convert the digital levels in both cases to hexadecimal and then to binary values.

    Value of the Current in the Curcuit

    Determine the value of the current i in the circuit in the attachment by transforming the two voltage sources and their associated reactances into current sources (and thus forming a pair of Norton generators). See the attached file.

    Design and test a suitable op-amp circuit

    FIGURE 4(a) shows an electronic `black box' that has a `noisy' input as shown in FIGURE 4(b) but gives a `clean' output of that of FIGURE 4(c). Design (showing all design equations and calculations) and test (using PSPICE) a suitable op-amp circuit that will act as the `black box'. The low and high output voltages respective

    Applying the node voltage method to a circuit

    (a) Write the two equations involving VA and VB that would result from applying the node voltage method to the circuit in the attachment. (b) Solve for VA and VB using the equations found in Part (a).

    Laplace Circuit Problem: Transient response of the circuit

    Please show as much working as possible and comment where possible. Please look at the attachment for the circuit of an amplifier and filter. i) Draw the Laplace circuit and find the equation for output voltage for a step change in input voltage (in relation to R, L and C). ii) Find the transient response of the circui

    Simple Resistive Circuits: Voltage drop, Power rating

    Consider the circuit in the attachment when answering the questions posed below. a) What value of Ix will result in a voltage drop of 16 V across the 10 k Ohm resistor? b) To reduce cost, it is desired that each resistor in the circuit have the same power rating. Using the results of (a) what power rating - to the nearest

    Using Laplace transforms to analyse diff circuits responses

    Laplace transforms enable interpretation and manipulation of different signals by viewing these signals as either time domain signals/pulse or else frequency domain representations. A number of examples are presented in these solutions showing how such tranforms may be maniupluted to better understand circuit driving forces. A n

    Calculate Input and Output Impedance

    With base grounded, calculate d) Input impedance at the emitter. e) Output impedance at the collector. f) Output impedance at the collector with a resistor R across the constant current source. With an impedance R' to ground at the base g) Impedance at the emitter. Please see the attached image for complete problem.

    Critical frequency of coupling and collector-bypass circuits

    Please show detailed steps taken to arrive at final answer. Please refer to the attachment for complete questions and the mentioned figures. 1. If beta in the figure equals 150, what is the critical frequency of the input coupling circuit? 2. If beta in the figure equals 200, what is the critical frequency of the output

    Artificial Neural Networks: Electronic Nose Experiment

    The text file d3c004.pat (in the attached d3c004.zip) contains real data from an electronic nose experiment. Several cheeses (7 categories) were sniffed by the electronic nose, and data was collected. The data has already been pre-processed and is ready for use by a neural network. Read the data file header for more info. Th

    Simple Telegraph System

    Look at the attached diagram of a simple telegraph system (see attachment). The battery supplies 48 volts and the receiver coil has a resistance of 600 ohms. A current of 20 mA must flow in the receiver coil to achieve reliable operation. 26 gauge wire with a loop resistance (the resistance of both conductors added together) of

    Electrical circuit analysis

    Find the Thevenin equivalent voltage and current for the network shown in Figure 1-2 if V1 = 6V, R1 = 4 Ohm, R2 = 8 Ohm. Also find the Norton equivalent circuit to Figure 1-2. Please refer to the attachment for the mentioned figure.

    Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) processing gain

    Consider a direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) system attempting to transfer data. The DSSS system has a data rate of 2 Kbps (2 thousand bits/sec) which is spread to 2 Mcps (two million chips per second). How much would be the processing gain: a) 30 dB b) 20 dB c) 100 dB d) 60 dB

    Transfer Functions and Steady State Analysis

    Please help in understanding how to solve the following problems. 1. The impulse response for a circuit is h(t) = e^-t, t >= 0. What is the response function of the circuit in the s-domain if the input is f(t) = cos(2t)? 2. The transfer function for a circuit is H(s) = 1/[(s+2)(s+5)]. What are the poles? Is this an impulse

    A/D Converter, Level Shifter

    Using the Level Shifter shown in the attachment, design a circuit that will shift a signal from from +/- 25 volts (50 volts P-P) to 0 to 5 volts. Assume R1=R3=100K and R2=R4. 1. Give the value for Vref with 1 decimal point of precision. 2. Give the value for R2=R4 in K ohms. Suppose an A/D converter uses a reference vo

    Electronic Circuit

    See attached for full description of problems. 1. Determine the Laplace transform of ?(t) = + 5e^-4t + 12sin 3t. 2. If v(t) = 10e^-t/3 for some circuit, when does the voltage fall to 37% of its initial value? 3. Let ?(t) = sin2t. What is the Laplace transform of d? / dt ? 4. The charge in a certain capacitor varies as q =

    Can you provide an explanation to the following problems.

    12. Using the table, what is the byte stored at address 2F? Address Data 2E CB05 30 9AFC 32 3007 A) CB B) 05 C) 9A D) FC 13. Using the table, what is the byte stored at address 33? Address Data 2E CB05 30 9AFC 32 3007 A) 9A B) FC C) 07 D) 30 14. When the word value $1234 is stored

    Access Control: Example Problem

    Physical Facilities Prepare a 700-100 word paper that compares and contrasts the use of electronic technology in relationship to the use of personnel and access control, surveillance, and identification of authorized personnel. Determine which is better and why. Please include references.

    Transfer functions and steady state

    1. The impulse response for a circuit is h(t)=e^(-t), t>=0. What is the response function of the circuit in the s-domain if the input is f(t)=cos(2t)? 2. The transfer function for a circuit is H(s)=1/((s+2)(s+5)). What are the poles? Is this an impulse response stable circuit? 3. The transfer function for a circuit is H(

    Determine v(t) for the Circuit

    Please see attachment. 7.2-4: determine v(t) for the circuit shown in Figure P7.2-4(a) when the i(t) is shown in Figure P 7.2-4b and v(0-) = -1mV.

    Combinational vs. Sequential Circuits

    1.23 (Combinational versus Sequential Circuits) Which of the fol¬lowing contain circuits that are likely to be combinational and which contain sequential circuits? Explain your rationale. (a) A washing machine that sequences through the soak, wash, and spin cycles for preset periods of time. (b) A circuit that divides tw

    Electrical and Electronic Circuits

    See attached file for full problem description. Pls answer only 12.3. For the filter depicted above, determine the values of C1 and C2 needed so that the poles are located at s = -2 rad/s and s = -5 rad/s. What is the overall transfer function in this case?