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Artificial Neural Networks: Electronic Nose Experiment

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The text file d3c004.pat (in the attached d3c004.zip) contains real data from an electronic nose experiment. Several cheeses (7 categories) were sniffed by the electronic nose, and data was collected. The data has already been pre-processed and is ready for use by a neural network. Read the data file header for more info.

The data file was formatted for the Unix based Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator so some processing is required.

Matlab uses separate files for the input patterns and the output patterns. All the comments etc. must be removed, the inputs must be stored to one file and outputs to another. Make sure that the order of records across the two files is not messed up. It may be best if a small program is written to do this.

Please show/give steps on how to use Matlab to separate input patters and output patterns as required by the question.

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