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    A/D Converter

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    Using the Level Shifter shown in the attachment, design a circuit that will shift a signal from from +/- 25 volts (50 volts P-P) to 0 to 5 volts. Assume R1=R3=100K and R2=R4.

    1. Give the value for Vref with 1 decimal point of precision.
    2. Give the value for R2=R4 in K ohms.

    Suppose an A/D converter uses a reference voltage of Vref+ = 3.3 volts and a Vref- of 0 volts. Your A/D converter gives 12 bits of resolution.

    3. How many millivolts does each bit represent? (Truncate your answer at decimal points).
    4. If your input voltage ranges between -1 and 1 volt, describe how you will build a signal conditioning circuit to match an A/D device with Vref+ and Vref- of 5v and 0v respectively.

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    1. Since we have to use a Vref that is the center value of the output, we have:
    Vref = 5/2
    Vref = 2.5V

    2. The gain of the amplifier must be:
    A = 50/5
    A = 0.1

    The circuit is a difference ...

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