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Motorola MC68000 Microprocessor Unit (MPU) Programming

With reference to the Motorola MC68000 microprocessor unit (MPU):

Refer to the array and storage map drawn in Figure 2A and the list of instructions tabulated in Table 2 and hence, in MC68000 assembler language, write a program to print the contents of an array of data stored in memory. The array (DATA) comprises sixteen (16) items of data, the first item is stored at location $0400100. Assume that a subroutine called PRINT is stored at address $0400180, which will print out a byte of data held in D1 and then return to your program.

Note: $ (dollar) prefixes hexadecimal data, for example $789AB.

Please refer to the attachment for detail.


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Please go through the logic given below to print the content of array DATA using the instructions as per the specification.
Since there was no clear detail on mnemonic "BN TARGET", it is assumed that it means "branch to target if result of previous operation is non-zero, that is, zero bit of status flag is not ...

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This solution provides step-by-step comments and logic for the program provided in an attached .txt file.