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    ELL transition

    Most states require English learners to meet certain criteria in order to transition from one level of English proficiency to the next. Also, students must pass certain assessments in order to be re-designated as English proficient. How are English learners transitioning from one level of proficiency to the next in CO? What ar

    Likert questionnaire

    I am trying to understand the process of the questionnaires for work as I work with preschoolers. It is a combination of questions for the parents and my supervisor. I need 5 questions per questionnaire so I can have an idea on how to proceed with answers ranging from I do strongly agree to I do not agree. Ex: The lesson was tau

    Literature Lesson Model for Kindergarteners

    Diversity is standard in the majority of our schools. Create a Kindergarten literature lesson that will acknowledge and celebrate the diversity within your classroom. Include all resources including any childrens books used.

    Inclusion strategies

    According to the authors Bruce Mallory and Beth Rous, ''The overaching goal of early education programs is to increase young children's participation in the social contexts in which they live and learn on a daily basis. This goal requires strategies designed to enhance the frequency, and duration between children with disabiliti

    Parents as Partners

    How can parents be effectively involved as partners in their child's education? Give at least four examples that can be implemented today in your Pre-K classroom. What do you believe constitutes being an equal partner?

    Whole Child Theories

    There are many theories regarding the delivery of curriculum to young children. Even with these varying opinions all ECE teachers agree that it is necessary to teach the whole child. Following early learning standards and developmentally appropriate practice, choose one of the following Early Childhood Curriculum Content approac

    Financial fraud

    Many corporations and government entities have an internal auditing function and a separate fraud investigation function either as a subunit of internal auditing or security or as a separate unit within the organization. In addition, many accounting and consulting firms have a forensic, investigation, and litigation support serv

    Assessment responses for ELL

    I am reading on assessment for special needs and ELL, and I am trying to understand what is the best practices for assessment modification and accommodations response for special education students and English-language learners.

    Software plan for company employees

    Your organization has decided to invest in online learning. This may include computer-facilitated training and computer-based self-instruction. You have been asked to identify a pilot study to test the feasibility of incorporating more technology in training. Describe the topic(s) to be taught, who will participate, and an o

    Disabilities and PHI correlation

    Compare and contrast the future between individuals without disabilities and the future of individuals with PHI. Explain your response. What evidence do you have to support your response?

    Parenting and education

    Â?¢ Explain the advantages and disadvantages for children of single-parent family, extended family â?¢ Add any factors that potentially affect the selected family configuration. â?¢ Then reflect on how you as a potential educator will prepare yourself to interact with your chosen family configuration.

    Ethics, Morals and Values

    Why study ethics? Is there a difference among ethics, morals, and values? What are some of the traditional theories of ethics?


    A preschool teacher decides to introduce a pet into her classroom. The pet was a hit; however, one student continues to sneak food to the pet several times a day. The teacher knows that this studentâ??s family is currently struggling with financial difficulties. The teacher decides to address the problem with the entire class.

    Assessment Reliability and Validity

    You just finished creating a lengthy objective assessment. How might you determine the reliability and validity of the assessment? Why is this important?