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Educational Research about 4th grade reading comprehension is listed.

This posting overviews two educational research journal articles and compares and contrasts these articles according to the questions: What are the focuses/topics of the articles you have selected? What is the primary research question or hypothesis of this research project?How are they different? Discuss the research art

Differentiated instruction is explained.

1. When working with a small group of students, how can you individualize your approach? 2. The student with whom you will be working has no organizational or time-management skills. How would you help this student get on track? How can you help the student see the relevance of these skills in being successful in his/her goa

School Reform Development

Schools today are faced with a daunting task. Education is our nation seems to be lagging behind, and the needs of student learning are falling short of intended goals and expectations. Reforming schools to meet today's needs begins with a carefully designed plan. This plan must be comprehensive. The standards-based reform is a

This posting addresses an overview of Computer Mediated Coursework.

This posting responds to the quote, "Much of what is touted as computer-mediated coursework is really an effort to literally transfer face-to-face classroom instructional practices into a different (virtual) medium." Consider the statement and answer the following questions: 1. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

Assessing Student Performance: Two Methods of Assessment

For this assignment, choose one of the three scenarios: K-12, Higher Education, or Corporate Training. Using the Cybrary and any other resources at your disposal, describe one traditional method and one non-traditional method you would use to assess the students' performance of the learning objective stated in the scenario.

This posting examines how to develop training programs.

List at least five questions that could be used to facilitate group or chat discussion on the topic of Developing Training Programs. Write a paragraph for each question indicating the extent to which question is likely to stimulate useful discussion of this topic and why? 1.What information do I have to support the need f