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Behavior Management Plan for a handicapped child

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What behavior management strategy could you implement for a student with physical disabilities? How would you implement these in the classroom?

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First of all a behavior management plan is for a student who is choosing to misbehave in the classroom who does not have any other underlying condition which might account for the acts of misbehavior. If the child is physically handicapped (for whatever cause - congenital defect, traumatic accident or disease) it must first be ruled out that the handicapping condition is contributing to the misbehavior. If it is, the underlying condition must be addressed before a behavior management plan will be of much use.

Once other conditions are ruled out as the cause, and it is clear that this student is misbehaving because of choice, and there is evidence that the child can control themselves when they choose to do so, a behavior management plan is appropriate to teach that there are negative consequences for choosing to misbehave.

The trick is to choose consequences that are important to the CHILD, not to the adults who are attempting to address the misbehavior. This is why out of school suspension is so seldom successful as a discipline tactic. The child often views OSS as a temporary vacation, and often the result of such "punishment" is an increase in the targeted misbehavior, rather than a decrease, in order to gain more vacation time at home.

Consider what the child appears to enjoy and deny him (these misbehaving students are statistically more likely to be male) those things when he chooses to misbehave. First, is to have what is called an intervention conference with the child and parents/guardians, the school counselor, an administrator and the teachers the child will have in class. This is so that the child can clearly see that EVERYONE is teamed up against the bad behaviors (not the child himself) and that EVERYONE ...

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Discussion of a behavior managment plan for a handicapped child, taking into consideration whether the child's handicapping condition is a primary cause of the misbehavior, and justifications thereof.

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