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How parents can be equal partners in education

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How can parents be effectively involved as partners in their child's education? Give at least four examples that can be implemented today in your Pre-K classroom. What do you believe constitutes being an equal partner?

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Step 1: As an introduction, discuss some of the qualities of a pre-K classroom that differentiate it from other grade levels, such as:

a) Age of pre-K students
b) Maturity level of pre-K students
c) Often first experience at school for students and/or parents
d) Undeveloped social skills, etc.

Step 2: Define the term "Parents as Partners" and discuss the things parents can do to partner with the pre-K teacher and student, such as:

a) Spend time in the classroom so you know what is going on there
b) Attend ...

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This 370-word solution includes step-by-step directions that define "parents as partners"; discusses some of the unique qualities of Pre-K students; discusses some of the things parents can do to be partners in their child's educational process; and steps educators can take to involve parents as equal partners in their child's education. The solution also includes web addresses to support each section of the solution.