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Educators being trained on students with physical needs

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Discuss ways to further professional development of educators of students with PHI (physical health impairments).

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There are several ways to train the staff on being able to help and maintain the dignity of students who are in the classroom with physical health impairments. One of the first and most effective ways that I have seen done is by allowing the teachers the opportunity to spend some time in a wheelchair, with a walker, or being blind folded for example to see how the child with the impairment is forced to change the way he or she functions. Being able to empathize with the children is the best way to know what accommodations need to be made in order to allow them the same opportunities as other children in the classroom.

Another way to educate the teachers is to make sure that they are fully aware of the challenges this child faces and make sure that they have read the IEP and are implementing it the way that it should be done. If a child has vision problems and the IEP (individualized education plan) states that he or she needs to be closest to the board, this needs to be done at all times and not just when it is convenient.

Professional development can also be done by showing videos of ...