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process of the questionnaires

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I am trying to understand the process of the questionnaires for work as I work with preschoolers. It is a combination of questions for the parents and my supervisor. I need 5 questions per questionnaire so I can have an idea on how to proceed with answers ranging from I do strongly agree to I do not agree. Ex: The lesson was taught in a timely manner, or the teacher knew the subject taught.

Questionnaire 1: The effectiveness of instruction
Questionnaire 2: The effectiveness of content and curriculum
Questionnaire 3: The effectiveness of instructional materials and tools.

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Answers usually range from 1 to 5 as follows:
5 Strongly agree
4 Agree
3 Disagree
2 Strongly Disagree
1 Neither Agree nor disagree

Questionnaire 1:
1. The teacher periodically asked for a show of hands to see who got the correct answer.
2. The teacher asked the students questions and had them answer throughout the lesson to see if they were
understanding the presentation and involved in the lesson.
3. The teacher taught the lesson in a variety of ways, using differentiation of instruction to address the

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