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    Learning Styles & Theories

    Higher order thinking

    checklist of characteristics of the development of higher-order thinking and symbol usage for a specific age band ( kindergartner) reflect on the implications of implementing the observational checklist with students in the classroom. Discuss how the implementation would affect the students and the teacher. Use 3-5 pee

    Ethics and adoption summary

    Unite: 7 Case studies: 26: Spanking the Foster Child Spanking the Foster Child Briefly explain why you selected the case study you identified. I selected Case Study 26 only because I grew up with a lot of kids that where adopted. We would always get together growing up. What I notice is that foster kids would only t

    Leadership and decision-making

    Veronica Rangel Unite: 6 Leaders As Decision Makers Leaders As Decision Makers As one said from a historic leaders such as (George Washington) have realized, leadership is about the people around you. Recognize their concerns. Making sure you live with the difficulties they face. Be sure you make your focus on them rat

    Decision-making paper

    Veronica Rangel Unite: 6 Discussion 1 Case study number 5 Case Study 5 I believe when making a decision making lies at the heart of our personal and professional lives. As we go on with our every day we make decisions. Some are small, domestic and innocuous. Others are more important; decisions that affect peoples' lives

    Assistance for writing assignment

    Veronica Rangel Case Study CASE 56: WEEKEND RACIST WEEKEND RACIST Veronica Rangel Capella University From the information provided in the case study, do you think that Carl's employment should be terminated? Explain and support the reasons for your answer. In states that recognize employment at will, an employee m

    Sensitivity Training for Pandora's Box

    Case Study 25- SENSITIVITY TRAINING AND PANDORA'S BOX SENSITIVITY TRAINING AND PANDORA'S BOX Veronica Rangel Capella University How would you describe Miguel's agency in terms of personnel selection, management effectiveness, and leadership style? What factors do you think contributed to the volatile situation?

    Demographics in planning instruction

    Why student demographics are important to consider in the process of instructional planning goals. The reference may be found in a peer-reviewed or a professional journal.

    Flu virus paper

    Open University SK320 Infectious disease and public health. 1.1 Defining influenza How would you define 'Influenza'? The pandemic of flu that occurred in 1918. Introduction According to Open University a lot of people suffered from influenza (flu) at some point in their lives, so when ref

    Leadership skills paper

    Veronica Rangel Facets of Leadership Facets of Leadership Veronica Rangel Capella University In 2013, a peer-reviewed article in the Neurodiagnostic Journal was published entitled "Facets of Leadership" by Dorothy Gaitertitled. The truth of Facets about Leadership and Organizations have responded to this with myriad

    Motivation and Self-Regulation in Learning

    Answer the following questions: •Can everyone be an online learner? What do the various theories that you have studied contribute to your answer? •How can you support an online learner who does not seem to be motivated? Describe 2 possible scenarios in which online learners may not have or may lose their energy and inter

    Middle Childhood: Social/emotional development

    I need assistance creating a theoretical and abstract paper. Select one area of development: social/emotional, physical or cognitive. Select a developmental stage: First Two Years- Early childhood, Middle childhood, or Adolescence. The developmental stage that I am interested in writing in is social/emotional and Middle chi

    Compare and Contrast Cognitivism Theories

    Part 1 Once you have completed the unit reading assignment related to the Kermit and the Keyboard story, do the following: •Compare and contrast the 3 different cognitivist theories in this situation. •Discuss elements that are unique to each viewpoint and that are discussed by all. ◦In the ones discussed by all, what

    Persuasive PowerPoints

    I need help with the following questions. Recall PPTs that you have experienced; some have held the audience's attention, some have not. 1.Present an example of a persuasive and an unpersuasive presentation. 2.What were the major differences?

    Prominent Learning Theories and Models

    Research on one cognitive, one behavioral, and one humanistic theory or model. Include the following: •A description of each •The similarities and differences between them •How each might be used home health

    Common Core State Standards and Differentiating Instruction

    For this discussion: 1. Create two measurable lesson objectives that are aligned with one Common Core Standard. 2. For each of the objectives, create two differentiated strategies designed to master the objective. 3. Explain how the strategies you've suggested are engaging to diverse learners. 4. Cite scholarly so

    Classroom Direction and Control

    1. Please discuss classroom direction and who should be in charge of learning. 2. Discuss who is the central figure in 'control' of learning? 3. Who implements and creates active engagement and learning in your classroom? 4. Is this educational philosophy teacher focused or student focused? 5. How this might influence

    Universal Design for Learning: Key Questions

    Create your own working definition of Universal Design for Learning. For example, what is UDL and what does it mean to you? How do principles of Universal Design for Learning support this definition of Active Learning: Active learning takes place when the student is interacting with the material orally, tactically and or cogn

    Components of Secondary Education for ID Students

    Identify three components of secondary education that are essential for students with ID in order for them to have appropriate transition activities. How will these three components address necessary skills for post-high school living as an adult living with ID?

    Personal computer training and theory

    This solution briefly examines four principles of androgyny and summarizes how they relate to personal computer training in general. In sum, the core principles of androgyny are overviewed.

    CBI and REBT for EBD Students

    Although CBI and REBT are found in counseling theories and use, how can these techniques be used by teachers in the classroom? Give specific examples and possible outcomes.

    Learning Style Reflection

    • What is your preferred learning style? • Were you able to use your learning style when you were a student in the pre-K through 12 setting? Why or why not? • Do you think it will be important for you to assess your students' preferred learning styles? Why or why not? • How do you assess your students' learning? •

    Authentic Assessment

    1. What is "authentic assessment"? 2. What is a specific example of an authentic assessment that you do (or would) use in your current (or future) classroom? 3. How is authentic assessment different from traditional assessment measures? 4. What are the benefits/advantages of authentic assessments over traditional assessment m

    Constructivist Teaching

    Do you consider yourself to be a constructivist teacher? Explain why you feel the way you do. Where do your teaching practices "fit" along the constructivist spectrum spanning from radical to conservative? Do your current teaching practices reflect your views on constructivist-based teaching and learning? Why or why not?

    Perspectives of Constructivism

    Illustrate the following perspectives of constructivism: Radical Constructivism Social Constructivism Cognitive Constructivism To "illustrate" each perspective, address each of the following: Who is the key theorist associated with each perspective? How does each theorist believe knowledge is constructed and/or learn

    Theories of Piaget, Bandura, and Vygotsky

    Prepare a response to the following questions: To what extent and in what manner* do your views on student learning reflect the views of two of the following scholars: B. F. Skinner A. Maslow J. Piaget or Vygotsky A. Bandura Describe what your students would be doing in your classroom that reflects these views. To what

    Understanding Common Core State Standards

    Summarize your understanding of the foundation of the CCSS for Math and English Arts. Next, adopting the perspective of a teacher leader, in at least two paragraphs, evaluate how CCSS (Math and English Language Arts) can be used to influence the use of technology-enhanced differentiated instructional strategies to support the ne

    Learning Strategies for Increased Attention and Memory

    What learning strategies do you think are most effective for increased attention and memory development for students with LD? Why? What is the relationship between LD, memory, and attention? Cite appropriate research/evidence

    Taxonomy and Learning in Higher Education

    Please assist in answering these questions: 1. Explain how taxonomies influence instruction and learning in higher education 2. Explain the strengths and limitations of an emphasis on taxonomies with particular consideration for diverse learner populations.