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    Leadership and decision-making

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    Veronica Rangel
    Unite: 6 Leaders As Decision Makers

    Leaders As Decision Makers

    As one said from a historic leaders such as (George Washington) have realized, leadership is about the people around you. Recognize their concerns. Making sure you live with the difficulties they face. Be sure you make your focus on them rather than on yourself, your ideas, and your status. If you do those things then people will follow you no matter what it takes, just like they did for Washington. Remember, leadership is about the led. The article main concentration was on the fundamental for leadership and how to focuses on his or her management team. Should you evaluate a decision making on a process within an organization? One of the four fundamental is Humility, Communication, Trust and Innovation.

    One of the main ideas a Meta decision is an umbrella type decision that impacts all of the smaller decisions that come thereafter. When making an intention of impacting or replacing a number of future decisions. (Lisa Montanaro 2012) Utilizing what have been said in the article makes me emphizing my skills at work, school and in my personal life will make me a stronger and more aware of the outcome of being a leader for the company I work for and with that being said I have learn to lead and manage people and a business unit effectively and will be able to master the key skills for people management ,Learn how to work competently with financial plans and budgets Develop useful business and operational plans Keeping in mine Meta decisions are crucial to organizing because they save the mental anguish and time involved with making hundreds of individual decisions one by one.

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    Historic leaders such as (George Washington) have shown that leadership is predicated upon the people the leader surrounds themselves' around. Servant leaders make a concerted effort to recognize the importance of their followers problems and any difficulties they face because without them, a leader is incapable of leading. Therefore, servant leaders focus on their followers rather than on their own ideas or status. This elicits support from people, and they will follow you no matter what it ...

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