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    Decision Making

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    The leader of your client organization has observed a lack of flexibility and a slow decision-making process in many of the departments. He believes that he is not serving his customers well, and has decided to move to a team environment and to push many of the decisions to the lowest possible levels. And some of the best managers in the organization are resisting the team environment very strongly.

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    //Before writing about the role of leadership in the process of decision making, it is essential to gain knowledge about the basic concept of leadership, which further will provide the analysis of responsibilities and task of leadership//.


    A leader plays an important role in the process of organizational decision- making. No doubt, the behavior can be influenced by the exercise of power and authority but merely relying on these elements for desirable behavior in the organization may not bring result to the maximum efficiency. Such a willing co- operation can be achieved through right leadership which has a long- term effect on the people for positive behavior. Thus, leadership is an essential ingredient for successful organization. (Prasad, L.M., 2002)

    A leader is a person who stands out in influencing the activities of a group in setting a goal and making a progress toward achieving these goals. He plays more than one role, viz. group task- definition and solution of problems, information seeker, opinion giver, information giver, coordinator etc., group building and maintenance- encourager, harmonizer, compromiser, followers, standard steer and ego ideal etc.; and individual roles- ...

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