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    Presentation Skills

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    I need assistance creating a PowerPoint presentation using the outline provided (see attached).

    I need to create a power point presentation that contains key ideas and authors relevant to the Foundation of Education using the outline provided and it should cover the topics provided.

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    On the outset, make sure that you use eye-catching, easy to read print, but not just plain old Times New Roman. In addition, don't use all text to present your information. Make sure to include photos, text and/or other related images. You can do a Powerpoint Presentation, but you also have the option of doing a Prezi, which is an online program that allows you to have movement in your presentation. You can at least check it out.

    Your opening slide should include - at center stage - the title of your presentation. Then on either lower corner, include your name ...

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    How to organize a lengthy presentation into smaller segments. Take the time to use wordage that is yours, but demonstrates your understanding of the topic at hand.