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    Classroom direction and control

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    1. Please discuss classroom direction and who should be in charge of learning.
    2. Discuss who is the central figure in 'control' of learning?
    3. Who implements and creates active engagement and learning in your classroom?
    4. Is this educational philosophy teacher focused or student focused?
    5. How this might influence designing lessons?
    6. What would your classroom instruction and projects look like if your students were in 'control' of their own learning?

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    Here are some ideas for these topics.

    Learning is correlative sport; everyone (parents, teachers, and students) should be involved in the direction of the classroom learning. However, teachers should be the one that is in charge in the classroom. They should be progressing the conversation. The reasoning for this is that they are, in theory, the most educated in the classroom and have experience in education. This extends to the teacher being the central figure as well. While the ...

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    This post focuses on the centralized figure in the classroom and the person that frames the action of the classroom.