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Managerial Statistics

Expected value of a loss - probability - statistics

Suppose the losses due to exchange rate fluctuation to XYZ Inc have the following distribution $2,000,000 with probability of 0.05 $1,000,000 with probability of 0.08 Loss = $ 800,000 with probability of 0.15 $ 20,000 with probability of 0.12 $ 0 with probability of 0.60 What is the expected value of l

I noticed that men tend to be more aggressive and "pushy" to some degree whereas women are not as aggressive or assertive (some women, not all). Men are goal oriented and for that reason they tend to view each person as a potential customer with a "not taking a no for an answer" approach. Women take on a gentler approach in which case they don't want to appear too controlling and consider a "no" to be a possible "maybe." Men can handle rejection well and are not deterred by one "no" from a potential client, women on the other hand are a little more sensitive and do not handle rejection well, they tend to take it personal when a client rejects them. (The aforementioned statement is primarily from my own personal experienced and not based on fact just based on the people I have come into contact with during the negotiation process). Statistics show that "In the U.S. women compose half the professional managerial workforce. Half the students who earned college degrees last year were composed of women. Of those who have a personal net worth of more than $500,000, more than half are women. American women collectively earn more than $1 trillion a year. More than 7.7 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. generate $1.4 trillion a year. Women comprise 35 percent of the country's 51 million shareholders." (Booher, 2000).

I noticed that men tend to be more aggressive and "pushy" to some degree whereas women are not as aggressive or assertive (some women, not all). Men are goal oriented and for that reason they tend to view each person as a potential customer with a "not taking a no for an answer" approach. Women take on a gentler approach in whi

Safe Club Scenario Evaluation

-Main theme/purpose - The main theme is to evaluate a sports safety focused risk management training program. Additional theme/purpose possibilities: To evaluate the best practices of sports injury prevention methods. To identify risk management processes in soccer clubs. The purpose of this article is to introduce an alte

Critical Analysis of a Scholarly Article: Closing the Accounting Talent Gap

Critical Analysis of a Scholarly Article Scholarly writers are aware of their audience and base their writing on solid evidence rather than on assumptions and/or opinions. In addition, scholarly writers must also utilize a scholarly voice. This assignment will give you practice in scholarly writing and using a scholarly voic

Past, Present and Future Paper, Personal and Professional Growth

Individual Assignment: Past, Present, and Future Paper This is a three-part paper in which you reflect on your personal and professional growth during your program of study at University. Part One - on where you were in your personal and professional life when you started the Reflect University. o How did you fe

How Confident are you to win your fantasy League

See attached file. Write a synopsis of the critical information found in the article while generating 3 questions about the article. The synopsis should at least include details regarding the: - Main theme/purpose - Research questions/Hypotheses - Background literature to support research - Methodology - Res

Analaysis on Drug Testing

Locate and read a human services research article from a scholarly journal in the University Library that includes a statistical analysis.( I have included this article below) The article must be 10 to 30 pages long and be on a topic that interests you. Here is a recommended search strategy: Assess in 100 to 150 words the

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics: Consulting Firms

See attached files. 1. Differentiating Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Resource: Iwamoto.Crews.Coe Virtual Organization portal Access the file and select the Iwamoto.Crews.Coe consulting firm. Various companies have hired the firm to handle matters of organizational development, professional growth, and

Project Management Exercise 2 & 3: Estimating project times and costs

See attached file. #2. (See attached for Exercise 5.2 WBS figure) Below is a project WBS with cost apportioned by percents. If the total project cost is estimated to be $600,000, what are the estimated costs for the following deliverables? a. Design b. Programming c. In-house testing What weaknesses are

Frequency distribution

What is the purpose of developing a frequency distribution? What is the relationship between the relative frequency and the cumulative frequency?

Applied Managerial Marketing: Global Gadgets Imports (GGI)

Scenario: Global Gadgets Imports (GGI) began operations in 1992 as an importer of home decor and gift items. Initially, GGI imported from various Asian manufacturers and sold its inventory through a network of distributors and other intermediaries who supplied to the retail and mail order catalog market. In 1995, GGI ope

Decision-Making and Object of the Theory of Constraints

1) What makes a cost relevant for decision-making? Why are fixed costs not relevant for most short-term decisions? 2) The objective of the theory of constraints is to maximize throughput contribution while minimizing investments and operating costs. The theory of constraints assumes a short-run time horizon. How is this acco

Organizational Behavior and the Decision Making Process

Decision making is a form of deductive reasoning; it is a strategic study that identifies alternatives that would be feasible for many organizations to proceed with general business practices. The main objective of a decision maker is to identify the factors that have the highest probability of effectiveness. In this document,

Planning function for competitve advantage; functional level strategic planning

The managerial function of planning helps an organization's competitive advantage by (1) identifying opportunities, (2) anticipating problems and (3) developing strategies to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges it encounters. Identify an organization and provide an example of strategic planning and one example

Organizational Learning and Decision-Making: Interviewing

Organizational Learning and Decision-Making - Resources: Rules of the Road for Interviewing - Research an organization or subset of an organization (i.e. department or division) (Credit Suisse Group ) and analyze their processes of decision-making and learning initiatives. - Use Rules of the Road

Week assignment

You have to answer the three questions in the bottom of the case study.

Human Resources Trends and Practices

For the SEIIC scenario below, answer the following questions: 1. Identify major trends that are likely to affect a company such as SEIIC. 2. Provide insight in the following areas by identifying at least three significant issues or trends for EACH area: A) Economic and financial (3 significant issues or trends) B)

Business Research/Null & Alternate Hypothesis

2) A sample of 65 observations was selected from one normal population. The sample mean is 2.67 and the sample standard deviation is 0.75. A sample of 50 observations was selected from a second population. The sample mean is 2.59 and the sample standard deviation is 0.65. Conduct a Hypothesis test using the .08 significance leve

Reflection: Application of Research in the Social Sciences, scientific method

I need information for a "Reflection" paper on the Application of Research in the Social Sciences (Reflection is a personal response demonstrating the understanding of the issue at hand and connecting it to personal observation, previous experience, or recent learning). -Include a critical evaluation of how research is applie

Statistics: Expected Value

As a birthday gift, you are mailing a new personal digital assistant (PDA) to your cousin in Toledo. The PDA cost $250. There is a 2 percent chance it will be lost or damaged in the mail. Is it worth $4 to insure the mailing? Explain, using the concept of expected value.

Deming 14 points

Research and discuss Deming's 14 points, then create an ideal process map with minimal waste. Describe how the new process will meet each of Deming's 14 points. Submit one document that contains the streamlined process map, and a second document that explains how the new process will address each of Deming's 14 points. Within yo

Population mean, one-tail test, p-value, standard deviation

This assignment has 9 questions to be answered. Some questions having multiple sub-questions. Please be sure to review the attachment. 10.20 If the population standard deviation is known, but the sample size is less than 30, what assumption is necessary to use the z-statistic in carrying out a hypothesis test for the popu