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I needed some help or ideas for these questions:

1. Provide an example of each type of central tendency measurements: mean, median, and mode.

2. Calculate the Standard Deviation of the following numbers: 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 19.

3. Go to the following website and complete the quiz on central tendency measurements, and then report your results and comment on any of the questions that you found challenging:;jsessionid=54DEB5984B8056D2AB6C282F0AD3BCF7?name=stmr01q%2Fstmr01q_chp01&cookieTest=1

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1. Example on excel worksheet
2. Standard deviation on excel worksheet
3. I found three questions quite challenging within this quiz.

This is probably because the way they were worded. The second questions stumped me. Here is what it said, "Measures of variability give information about the amount of skew or bias in a set of data." I put true, when it really is false. This was difficult because when I think of skew and ...

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