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Managerial Statistics

Creating Surveys for Organizations

1. Describe ways in which the use of MS Excel as a tool for interpreting data can be used by a manager of an organization. 2. What potential legal and ethical issues could arise if the information gained in this survey was used to create an ideal profile of characteristics that the company looked for when hiring employees?

Workplace Conflict

Attached you'll find an article. Please help me with the Paper Requirements: Write one page reaction paper to the reading. Write one paragraph summarizing the author's position and a second paragraph with your particular reaction to the author's position.

Purpose of Business Research

1. What is the purpose of business research? 2. What is the definition of a hypothesis? 3. Compare and contrast the difference between scientific and business research. 4. Why is it important to properly frame a research question? 5. What is the purpose of a cost-benefit analysis? 6. List the primary elem

Legal and Ethical Issues in HHS

1. List examples of tangible and intangible forms of an organizational culture. Which form of organizational culture is the most powerful agent for influencing ethical behavior by employees in health care or human service organizations? Justify your answer. 2. Recall that mission, explicit policy, and implicit policy are the

Common Size Financial Statements

This is the assignment: Need common size financial statements for the most recent and the last 2 years for Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson and any relevant financial ratios for this component. Then I need the most recent year for a competitor.

Business Management - Statistical Analysis

Why is statistical analysis preferable to visual inspection ("eye-balling") of data when making managerial decisions? Why is it generally not a good idea to use statistics as the only tool for decision making?

Match statistics term to its definition.

Match the term on the right to its definition on the left. Definitions Terms 1. The square root of the variance _____ a. Median 2. A single value that summarizes a set of data _____

Title VII

I need at least 500 words with references please. Thanks. 1- Who is covered and not covered under Title VII and its amendments? 2- How disparate impact discrimination and disparate treatment discrimination occur under Title VII, and their implications?

Effective Teams

Run the Creating and Managing Effective Teams simulation at least once to ensure that you are familiar with the various decision points in the simulation, and the effect that your choices have had on the outcome. Write a 1400- to 1750-word essay that addresses the below questions. Be sure to include proper citations and APA s

Inquiry about Economics

OTA, in your own words based on your experience, respond to the following questions. I have responded with what I know of the subject. A) Define the difference between macro and microeconomics. Where does managerial economics fit? As I understand it, macroeconomics focuses on the “big picture” with respect

New hypothesis statement (A & B only)

A. Describing a new hypothesis test using a different statistic (e.g., large sample size, small sample size, means and/or proportions, one-and two-tailed tests) that you can perform on that data. b. Formulate a new hypothesis statement. c. Perform the five-step hypothesis test on your data. ( I WILL DO) d. Finally, d

3 questions - terms, t tests, and one or two tailed tests?

A. What are the key terms in a verbal hypothesis statement that signify whether you are conducting a one-tailed test or a two-tailed test? b. Give an example of a possible T test of hypothesis from your operation and show the Null and Alternate hypothesis for your example. Give both word.doc hypothesis statement and th

Understanding business research methods

#1 Use this word example to answer the following questions for question #1. "Joe's repair shop claims that the average repair time is equal to or less then 60 minutes. You wish to test that hypothesis, and take a sample of 64 repair bill, finding the sample mean to be 65 minutes, with a standard deviation of 2 minutes. Using a

MGT600-0702B-03 Business Research for Decision Making.

I need some help in criticizing this article on Equity Ownership and Firm Value in Emerging Markets written by Karl V. Lins. The critic is to be done like a College Professor would do it in relation to the Sekaran ( 2003) Step 7 Collected data Analysis and Interpretation Chapter 12, and Step 8 Chapter 12. Deduction is hypothesi

Product Learning Process

1. Please comment on this excerpt in two or three paragraphs at the maximum. A new product learning cycle indicates companies learning from product failure or mistake they made. In business, especially technology, it is important to learn from failure and continue improving. It is important to analyze what went wrong so tha

Hypothesis Testing

Formulate a null hypothesis and the corresponding alternative hypothesis about a business problem in an organization. You're trying to explain null and alternative hypotheses to one of the senior managers at Company W and he's not "getting it" when you use snack food sales. Help him by thinking about a business problem in ano

USA World Bank Problem Solution and Defense

Develop a solution for the USA World Bank scenario. Remember that your solution needs to focus on the research and statistics concepts covered in the course (see the mind maps on your rEsourceSM course page). Keep in mind that the end-state goals you create for USA World Bank need to be measurable, and that in the case of this s

Collecting Data in Statistics

You anticipate that your presentation with PiggyBank will go well, and want to get ideas for collecting data. Go to the Discussion Board and discuss data collection methods with your peer/mentor group. What tools can be used to collect data? What are some of the issues that occur with data collection? Are some tools more appropr

Research and Evaluation

Topics: 1. Explain primary data and describe at least three types and how they are gathered. 2. Explain the financial aspect of secondary data 3. How has the internet changed research processes 4. Explain how data mining is used 5. What is the research process? 6. How are descriptive statistics used? 7. Explain how bias i

Strategy Assistance

Analyze the resources and capabilities of the two labor markets of Ireland and Singapore and which place to locate my pharmaceutical company. Comparing their manufacturing labor cost, manufacturing labor skill, engineering and managerial rates. Also would like to understand the educational institution resource pool, as well a

Managerial Decisions

Considering the simulation "Research Methods for Managerial Decisions": - Describe the similarities and differences between "basic" and "applied" research as that applies to Raytheon, a technical services company. You can visi

Determining Level of Significance: Furniture Store Example

A furniture store claims that a specially ordered product will take on average, a mean of 42 days to arrive. The standard deviation of these waiting times is 7 days. We suspect that the special orders are taking longer than this. To test this suspicion, we track a radom sample of 80 special orders and find that the orders too

Hypothesis Testing: Managerial Statistics Example

To be sure that the various batches of data arriving at the research center were from the same population, the director developed an analysis of variance. The variance among the means was 4.54 and contained three degrees of freedom. The variance within the data was 1.20 and contained 10 degrees of freedom. There were four batche

Variables, Model and Results for Python Electronics

- Identify the variables of the model to estimate the market demand for Python Electronics. - Estimate this model using the data provided for China, India, and Mexico. - Interpret the results for managerial actions and applications for Python Electronics, including comments on the strengths and limitations of regression mode

Operational gaming

What is operational gaming? What is systems simulation? Give examples of how each may be applied.

Fundamentals of Management

Your group represents the members of the Training and Development team at Washington-Jones. Part of the management track is about developing effective interpersonal communication. Instead of developing a traditional classroom presentation, your group will develop a day-long retreat to address this subject. Develop a theme an