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    Managerial Statistics

    Accounting Information Systems

    What is the major contribution of the IS auditor in helping the controller? Is an EIS system typically developed by an IS auditor? Who else should be involved and what is the extent of the IS auditors knowledege relevant for developing an EIS?

    Diversity Issues: The role of women and gender differences

    Scenario: You are one of four regional Human Resources Managers employed by Ace Consulting, an international consulting firm. You have been assigned to the International Sales division. Currently, one HR Manager is assigned to each of the four global regions: the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. You report to the Corpora

    Case Analysis Format

    Prepare a case analysis explaining the reasoning for each section in which a project team leader has inherited a new project team that are extremely less than helpful to the new team leader. The new team leader is up against an uphill battle in which he/she will act as an OD practitioner in order to overcome the group's not tur

    Financial Statements

    I need to understand how to compare financial data from company finacial statements. Specifically address the question below. "What insights do you dervive from the two firms' financial statements, financial ratios, stock price performance, and economic profit or (EVA)? Describe how EVA is estimated, and its strengths and

    Innovation consequences: Schumpeter's phrase "the gales of creative destruction"

    Schumpeter coined the phrase "the gales of creative destruction" to describe the consequences of innovation. Critically evaluate this premise for organizations doing business in the 21th century. With reference to relevant academia theories and concepts, describe and discuss the notion of the learning organization. What c

    Managerial Economics (T-Statistic; F-Test; Null Hypothesis)

    Famous Electronics sells TV satellite dishes and has been in business for a number of years. The firm's owner has become concerned about the firm's pricing, advertising, and other competitive strategies. She hired a consulting firm to estimate the demand function for TV dishes. The consulting firm informed her that the demand fu

    Managerial Economics: Regression Model for sales. Fully evaluate and interpret these empirical results on an overall basis using R-square, R-square(bar), F statistic, and SEE information.

    Colorful Tile, Inc, is a rapidly growing chain of ceramic tile outlets that cater to the do-it-yourself home remodeling market. In 2002, 33 stores were operated in small to medium-size metropolitian markets. An in-house study of sales by these outlets revealed the following (standard error in parenthesis): Q = 5 - 5P + 1.5A + 0