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    Managerial Statistics

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    Statistics: Calculating Z-Scores

    Using the data collected in Week 2, perform the following: - Calculate the z-scores for each subject for two variables—hours worked per week and satisfaction with income. - Compute the mean and the standard deviation for the population for the two variables. - Starting with the z-score formula, show all the steps of the c

    Analyzing Descriptive Statistics

    1. Use the appropriate descriptive statistics from W2 A2. 2. Assuming that the sample statistics you computed are exactly equivalent to the corresponding population parameters, identify the following: - What score on recall at Time1 would correspond to an extremely high score? - What score on recall at Time1 would corresp

    Acquisitions of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises

    For the article below, I could use some help discovering the methodology, any gap and key findings for me. Thank you very much. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1467-8551.2006.00481.x/full

    Prepares SPC Chart Data

    Complete the following actions, using the Excel file "Optional Problem Data Student File" for the actions involve Excel: 1. Prepare an SPC chart in Excel for each concourse using the data collected during the period 8/4 to 8/13 (data provided below). 2. Paste each SPC chart into a separate slide in a PowerPoint presentation

    M&A Success

    Please see the attached article, "What We Know about M&A Success: A Research Agenda for the Lodging Industry" by Linda Canina, Jin-Young Kim and Qingzhong Ma. Critique the merger and acquisition article in order to highlight gaps in the literature review, the method of analysis used in the methodology, and the reasons for fa

    Decision Science Chapter 11 Probability and Statistics

    16. A metropolitan school system consists of two districts, east and west. The east district contains 35% of all students, and the west district contains the other 65%. A vocational aptitude test was given to all students; 10% of the east district students failed, and 25% of the west district students failed. Given that a studen

    Statistics Problems: Stock Prices and Customer Databases

    Please answer the following questions with the information provided in the attached files. 1. Data on stock prices of Citigroup at the beginning of each month for the period from 1/3/1977 to 1/2/2013 are provided in the first attachment. Please construct a line graph demonstrating the closing stock prices of Citigroup at the

    What are the attributes of a good quantitative analysis model? And why?

    What are the attributes of a good quantitative analysis model? C.W. Churchman once said that "mathematics tends to lull the unsuspecting into believing that he who thinks elaborately thinks well." Do you think that the best QA models are the ones that are most elaborate and complex mathematically? Why or why not?

    Company research outline

    Select a company you are familiar with. Prepare a 1- to 2-page detailed outline. Include information on the following topics: - What forecasting techniques does this company use? - How does your selected organization prepare budgets? - What MRP concepts do you see with regard to your organization?

    Test hypothesis: 40% of employees have a college degree

    Please assist answering the following question. Please use the attached Excel spreadsheet to answer the question. The Excel file Call Center Data provides data on the background of call center employees. The company would like at least 40% of its employees to have a college degree. Perform a test with this data to determine w

    Data Collection Efficiency

    Data collection takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is not worth the time and trouble. What do you think? What are some faster ways to accomplish data collection?

    Establishing a WBS, Baseline, EVM, etc.

    Use at least one project you have been a team member of, or a project manager for, as an example to contextualize the topics below: a) The importance of work packages to support the creation and use of the WBS. b) How to establish a cost and schedule performance measurement baseline. c) Provide exam

    Motion Picture Industry Descriptive statistics relation sales to variables

    Provide a Managerial Report (for the motion picture industry) that includes the following: 1. Descriptive statistics for each of the four variables along with an explanation of what the descriptive statistics tell us about the motion picture industry. 2. What motion pictures, if any, should be considered high-performanc

    False Positive Versus False Negative.

    Statistically speaking, we are generally agnostic to which is a bigger problem, type I (false positive) errors or type II (false negative) errors. However, in certain circumstances it may be important to try and put more emphasis on avoiding one or the other. Can you think of an example of where you may want to try harder to a

    Nonprofit sector and the market economy

    1. Respond to the following in 3-4 paragraphs What role(s) should the nonprofit sector play in a market economy; should nonprofits be entrepreneurial; should nonprofits compete with for-profit businesses? Should there be special "set asides" for nonprofit organizations; is "cause-related marketing" a good idea or just a marke

    Research Methodology: Motivation for Low Performing Employees

    Research methodology can help to define the activities of research, how to proceed with the research, how to measure progress and how to determine success. This week you explored how different epistemologies relate to particular research methodologies and the highlights of some methodologies in use today. In this Discussion you

    Arguing the Decision to Get an MBA

    Write a response where you are raising and countering objections regarding the decision to get an MBA. Support your point of view as part of countering objections with research. Examples include department of labor statistics, fairly current articles on the impact of education, especially graduate education on earnings. You can

    Give example of a hypothesis test and type I and II errors

    Give an example of a hypothesis test you could perform at work or at home. State what the Null and the Alternative hypotheses would be in your test. Explain how you would settle on a reasonable level of significance for your scenario. Also explain what the type I and II errors would be if you reached the incorrect conclusion i

    Statistics, sampling and audits

    1) Can an audit be done without using sampling? 2) What is the benefit to using statistical vs. random sampling to the auditor? 3) What types of statistical sampling techniques used in auditing are attribute sampling and variables sampling? Attribute sampling is used in tests of controls to estimate the rate of deviatio

    Statistics for Managers (Article Review)

    Many articles present statistical data and list margins of error (for example, reports on political opinion polls, growth or decline of the housing markets, manufacturing sectors, etc.). Find one such article from a reliable source that includes a construction of confidence intervals for the data studied, and give a summary of t

    Unscientific Sampling (Statistics for Managers)

    A Milwaukee television station, WITI-TV, conducted a telephone call-in survey asking whether viewers liked the new newspaper, the Journal Sentinel. On April 26, 1995, Tim Cuprisin, a columnist for the Journal Sentinel, wrote the following comment: "WITI-TV (Channel 6) did one of those polls which they admit are unscientific last

    Hypothesis, Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis

    Describe and discuss the following: How the research question and hypothesis are developed. Be as succinct yet detailed as possible. Also, discuss both the null and alternative hypothesis and how they support the research effort. Explain the process that will be applied to refine and eventually narrow the scope of the res

    Statistics (Performance Report)

    You are the manager at a company and are asked to present a report on the year-to-date performance of your division. What type of statistical information would you include in your report? In particular, which descriptive statistics (mean, median, standard deviation, etc.) do you think would best represent the main aspects of the

    Earned Value Management - Earned Value(EV), Planned Value (PV), Actual Cost (AC) These are the tools to arrive at the correct position of any project as to the completion, expenditure incurred or further funds needed to be invested, and above all analyze critically where, and how the things went wrong.

    List and describe the three values calculated for an activity in earned value management. Give examples of each. Please give an example of each to support your write up. Include at least one reference and cite it on the last page in APA format. List and describe the three values calculated for an activity in earned value m

    IMC and promotional strategies of Nike

    1. Complete a minimum 800 word paper analyzing today's promotion strategies of the company you have chosen (Nike athletic shoes). 2. The analysis should include but is not limited to: a. Evaluation of current promotional strategies. b. Evaluation of current integrated marketing communications (IMC). c. Your recommendati