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Motion Picture Industry statistics sales related to?

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Provide a Managerial Report (for the motion picture industry) that includes the following:

1. Descriptive statistics for each of the four variables along with an explanation of what the descriptive statistics tell us about the motion picture industry.

2. What motion pictures, if any, should be considered high-performance outliers? Why?

3. Descriptive statistics showing the relationship between total gross sales and each of the other variables. Please provide an explanation of the relationships.

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See Excel for better formatting of tables.

Opening Gross Total Gross # Theaters Weeks in Top 60
Mean 9.37 33.04 1,277.94 8.68
Median 0.39 5.85 410.00 7.00
Variance 356.25 3,989.78 1,900,784.58 40.83
Std. Deviation 18.87 63.16 1,378.69 6.39
Minimum 0.01 0.03 5.00 1.00
Maximum 108.44 380.18 3,910.00 27.00
Range 108.43 380.15 3,905.00 26.00

Outliers (see graphs on data tab):
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Howl's Moving Castle
Star Wars: Episode III
Yours, Mine and Ours

Opening Gross Total Gross Number of ...

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Your tutorial is 490 words which includes about a page of discussion and tables and graphs that help you to see the distribution of the data and the measures of central tendency that signal the shape of the data.

I used SPSS to get the measures but you can use Excel or other stat packages.