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    Power tool industry

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    What other, tangentially-related industries might have an impact on the power tool industry?

    What statistics and forecasting factors do we need to consider?

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    //In the given discussion paper, I have described various Industries, which are tangentially related. On these industries, the impact of sales of power tools is also analyzed by me. In the first section of the discussion, I am describing various tangentially related industries under the same heading..//

    Tangentially related industries

    There are many industries that have an impact on the sales of power tools. The industries that may have impact on the sales are:

    Appliance and Appliance Repair Industries - The consumer goods appliance industry is associated to power tool industry's sale because consumers who pay for gadgets may need power tools to perform repairs on those appliances (Taylor, 2007). The appliance repair industry is also associated to power industry because as the demand for gadget repairs increases, shops of appliance repair will be needed to develop more power tools in order to execute the repairs.
    Automotive Industry - The automotive industry is related to power tool industry's sale in several ways. The first reason is that the new car manufacturer uses power tools to assemble some of the parts of the cars and trucks that are being manufactured. Another reason is ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 573 words with references.