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    Analyzing Descriptive Statistics

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    1. Use the appropriate descriptive statistics from W2 A2.

    2. Assuming that the sample statistics you computed are exactly equivalent to the corresponding population parameters, identify the following:
    - What score on recall at Time1 would correspond to an extremely high score?
    - What score on recall at Time1 would correspond to an extremely low score?
    To find these hypothetical scores, solve for X (your raw score) using the following formula:
    X = (±z)(sd) + M, where
    z = The z-score cutoff for 5 percent in the tail (±1.645)
    sd = Your sample standard deviation
    M = Your sample mean

    3. Use Minitab to compute z-scores for RecallTime1. Complete the table, indicating the appropriate z-scores corresponding to each of the participants whose score is given.
    Subject ID Recall at Time 1 Z-score
    5 8
    10 12
    15 10
    20 8
    25 9

    4. Write a brief paragraph interpreting these z-scores.

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