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Managerial Statistics

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Part 1 of the critique is the identification of the article. What is important here is that you provide the reader with enough information about your article so he/she will be able to locate the article. Part 2 is a summary of the article. List the main points that the author has tried to establish, i.e., 1, 2, 3 or first, se

Marketing new water proof cell phones

Develop a budget for your plan Identify quantifiable elements that can be used to evaluate, monitor, and control the effectiveness of your marketing plan. The phones will be marketed globally thru AT&T. The budget is US dollars.

GASB Statistics

GASB Statement 44 covers this but the original requirements were from 1979, supplemented with GASB 34 then clarified in Statement 44. But if you go to it talks about the original requirements in 1979 and three problems including one as a result of GASB 34. So, Statement 44 was issu

Cultural Dimension Comparison of US and another country

The two countries will be the United States and another country of your choice. Information of a historical, political, economic, or social nature that helps to explain the values and placement on the various cultural dimensions will be helpful. Your results will be presented in a written report. We want to educate ourse

Research and Case Analysis

Analyze (the attached article): Motivating Salespeople to sell new products: The Relative Influence of Attitudes, Subjective Norms, and Self-Efficacy, Frank Q. Fu, Keith A. Richards, Douglas E. Hughes, & Eli Jones, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 74 (November 2010), 61-76) The analysis should be framed against each and every o

Financial Statements Comparison of Two Companies

Research and find financial statements for two companies of your choosing. Drawing on information from this course (managerial accounting), write an essay summarizing which of the two is a better investment. Include your reasons, using the course material evidence. Cite the financial statements and incorporate what you have lea

Employee Attitudes and Job Satisifaction Article: 3 major gaps in HR practice

Need some help using the article "Employee attitudes and job satisfaction". Human Resource Management on employee attitudes and job satisfaction. This article identifies three major gaps between HR practice and the scientific research in the area of employee attitudes in general and the most focal employee attitude in particular

Business Research and Statistics Questions

Please provide your feedback to these Business Research and Statistics questions below. Thanks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. How about sharing some of the statistical aspect used in auditing? 2. Interesting comment: "The ultimate goal is to mak

Consumer Behavior Article Review: Digital Video Recorders

The article you select must report a study related to the concepts we have studied thus far in Consumer Behavior and MUST come from one of the journals listed above. (If you submit an article from a journal that is not in the list above, you will receive no credit). See attached article. For the article review, you need t

Prepare a Business Research Proposal

Each student will choose a business research problem or issue that they would like to research. Each Student will prepare a Business Research Proposal. The research proposal must include the following elements: (1) executive summary (2) problem statement (3) research questions (4) hypotheses (5) brief literature review (

Analysis of the use of the scientific method in an audit situation:

The scientific method The scientific method is a widely used technique for the determination of a cause of an event. This method can be used in scientific inquiries as well as business analysis (the process of auditing a firm would be an example) to determine its characteristics. There is a step by step process in the scientif

This study is significant for event planners and business owners alike because it illustrates how individuals interact in a community based environment. Business owners for example can utilize this report and work towards strengthening their employment practices and develop programs specifically for their workforce in order to retain employees while promoting a positive working environment. This article provides insight as to how leaders can obtain adequate results from their workforce. - Your assessment of how the information would be relevant to a sport management professional and academicians (research and managerial implications) The information provided in this document is relevant to business professionals, community leaders, sports management, and event planners for the reason that in every segment of extracurricular activities within ones professional and personal lifestyle volunteers maintain order and organization, throughout various businesses whether it is religious organizations or political organizations. Volunteers are multifaceted and take on a plethora of roles within a community. In addition to fulfilling a sense of community and commitment, volunteers also feel a sense of obligation and often render their services out of love for the task itself which is another reason for engaging in volunteer work. According to the article, volunteerism declined as a result of women returning to the work force in which case they no longer had time to devote to their communities outside of work and parenting. The author made a valid comparison between high turnover in organizations and rapid decline of volunteering and have drawn a conclusive statement that participant satisfaction contributes to successful outcomes of any event and organizational work force. In essence the two aforementioned are correlated.

- Main theme/purpose The main purpose of this article is to analyze the foundation of event planning, i.e. Volunteerism. The author establishes a significant need for community based volunteering which is ultimately the driving force of any public event. - Research questions/Hypotheses ? Higher levels of volunteers'


Assess how your own organization is doing on each and identify specific means that could help incorporate his ideas into the culture of your organization. Finally, feel free to disagree 1) provide a higher level of supervision. Focus supervisorsâ?? efforts on helping people to do a better job and providing tools and techniq

Control organization

1) What is the controlling function of management? 2) Why does the controlling function of management have a negative connotation? 3) How can you change to show employees the control function is a benefit to them as well as the organization?

Target Audience & Competition Marketing Strategy

See the attached files. Target Audience & Competition are the next components to be addressed in the process of developing a Marketing Strategy. To choose an appropriate target market, one must understand how consumers make purchase decisions. PART 1: General Research 1. Research and discuss Maslow's theory of needs an

HR Team Evaluation Scenario

The CEO asks the HR team for your organization to evaluate the training, retention, and forecasting processes currently in place. The CEO requests that you assess each process individually and send her a memo on your findings. Write a memo regarding the status of the training, retention, and forecasting programs. In the memo

Annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography: Read four key readings that relate to your chosen essay question (Q. 1 relates to key readings Q-1(Why do many managers prefer that their employees work in teams? Does this necessarily deliver the workplace outcomes that these managers envisage? Review each source separately, assessing its argume

Research Methods:

Read the article "To stream or not to stream in a quantitative business course" by Buhagiar & Potter. You will find this research study at: Hypothesis: â?¢ Are the research hypotheses clearly and explicitly stated? â?¢ Do the hypotheses state a clear association between variab

Managerial Approach to Marketing Cell Phones with Maslow's Theory

PART 1: General Research 1. Research and discuss Maslow's theory of needs and how it is applied to marketing. Resources MUST include articles in the library's full-text databases. 2. Define the stages of the consumer behavior model (or industrial model, if appropriate) and apply how the concepts affect the marketing effort.

Quantitative reasoning for business

I needed some help or ideas for these questions: 1. Provide an example of each type of central tendency measurements: mean, median, and mode. 2. Calculate the Standard Deviation of the following numbers: 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 19. 3. Go to the following website and complete the quiz on central tendency measurements, and then

1. How did the decision making process help to create the problems for the Ford Pinto? Do these decisions represent optimizing behavior or satisfying on the part of Ford? If you were Lee Iacocca, would you have decided differently? How? During the decision making process, I find that Ford failed to consider what is in the best interest for the consumers, the organization wanted to create a quick fix solution thus alleviating responsibility to a nationwide safety concerns. When making decisions the organization is suppose to compare and contrast the pros and cons of every intricate detail within the manufacturing process. Instead of conducting primary and secondary research, the organization decided to take a shortcut in producing a product that compromised the safety of others and generated unnecessary legal ramifications that could have otherwise been prevented. The organization was more focused on manufacturing a compact vehicle for convenience in which case the product turned out to be a convenient death hazard. It is my belief that due to the organization reducing the time span of product concept and development, the company was at a disadvantage for the reason that the organization could not properly assess whether or not every need was being facilitated within the vehicle which opened the door to shoddy product distribution and decreased customer service satisfaction, with the increased number of casualties as a result. Lee Iaccoca's decision to speed up the process was definitely optimizing behavior, Lee felt as if speeding up the process would enable the organization to quickly launch the product in order to boost productivity and profitability. On the surface, this decision did not pose a threat within the organizations competitive analysis, however, speeding up the process of making a vehicle for consumers will only increase the probability of fatalities. Although, Lee knew that something needed to change within Ford's product infrastructure, I find that the organization would have had a better advantage if the organization did not conduct the tooling procedure simultaneously with the product development. I would have waited until the product development, research analysis and beta testing were completed first before tooling. Another mistake the organization made was not taking the crash test seriously, when they discovered that Pinto was failing the crash test, the organization should have continued developing the product in order to increase safety measures and reduce safety hazards. The organization needed to take time to further develop the product to ensure all potential glitches were examined and eliminated before launching the product to the public. It is better to ensure all safety procedures, regulation, and precautions are taken into consideration before actually launching the product.

1. How did the decision making process help to create the problems for the Ford Pinto? Do these decisions represent optimizing behavior or satisfying on the part of Ford? If you were Lee Iacocca, would you have decided differently? How? During the decision making process, I find that Ford failed to consider what is in the be

Budgeting, Variance Analysis, and Pricing

** Please see the attached files for the complete problem description ** I attached a PDF of the instructor notes for this lesson. And word document with the assignment. Course material: Financial Management: Concepts and Applications for Health Care Organizations 4th Ed. Bruce R. Neumann, PH.D, Jan P.Clement,PH.D., Jean C.Coop

Analyze Sekaran Process Opinions

Need to analyze the attached article and give an opinion on the research provided by the author. Corporate restructuring and gender promotion in management (Dencker, 2008). response is 538 words

Business Decision Making

Research hypothesis testing and discuss about hypothesis testing and its purpose. Use your research findings to define and to formulate a null hypothesis and the corresponding alternative hypothesis that could be tested. Describe one-tailed and two-tailed hypothesis testing along with some examples. Provide some resea

Corporate Impact or Outcomes if Proposed Strategy Fail

5. Corporate Impact or Outcomes if Proposed Strategy Fail: How will the company be impacted if your proposed strategy isnâ??t successful? What and how will internal functional areas/resources will be impacted? Discuss the quantitative and qualitative impact of the failed strategies. 926 words and 5 references Cost Lead