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    Managerial Statistics

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    Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study

    The case study points to be addressed were: 1. Argue for the use of Consensual Relationship Agreements (CRAs) in your current (or future) workplace. 2. Create a counter argument against the use of CRAs in your current (or future) workplace. 3. Discuss the ethical principles involved in the use of CRAs. 4. Create at least one

    Operations management

    In the same restaurant case could you answer those questions.Envision a business you would like to own that would employ at least 20 people 1. Determine which statistics you will employ to measure the quality characteristics of your business and how often you will conduct statistical analysis. 2. Analyze the key concepts rel

    AIU Employee Survey: What is the distribution of individuals by gender? What is the "tenure with company" distribution by gender? The value of statistics and its contribution to the success of an organization.

    1. Begin your e-mail to AIU by first providing an overview of the database, that is, a story about the characteristics that may include types of variables, etc. 2. Be sure to include information about where statistics are being used in the workplace. 3. Explain the value of statistics and its contribution to the success of an

    Discussing data collection techniques and methods

    See attached file. Statistical analysis needs to be grounded in theory and backed by research to be useful to management. Five data collection techniques using articles find examples of studies that used two different methods of data collection. Paragraph 1: Describe the data collection method used in one study in an art

    Managerial Economics : Regression project for demand in case

    See attached data file. Run a regression of sales = f(price), sales = f(price, competitor price), sales = (price, competitor price, advertising), sales = f(price , Competitor price, advertising, income) and set up the hypothesis test/t-test, then write up the 4th regression

    Statistics/Probability Quality

    quality stats For each of these questions, answer these questions with has much detail (including formulas), and managerial insight as possible. e.g. How capable is the process of achieving the customer specifications? Is the process capable of meeting the minimum specification? Not exceeding the upper tolerance? Calculat

    Standard Deviation of Automatic Over timer Developed

    For each of these questions, answer these questions with has much detail (including formulas), and managerial insight as possible. e.g. How capable is the process of achieving the customer specifications? Is the process capable of meeting the minimum specification? Not exceeding the upper tolerance? Calculate Cp, CPU, CPL, a

    Creativity and Career Advancement

    Can you review the following article and help me write a lit review about the topic: What is the relationship between creativity and career advance? Business Creativity and Literature Review Abstract In this paper, we are discussing what mindset individuals must have to be successful in business. As this is playing a

    Please find the attachment!!!

    Part 1 of the critique is the identification of the article. What is important here is that you provide the reader with enough information about your article so he/she will be able to locate the article. Part 2 is a summary of the article. List the main points that the author has tried to establish, i.e., 1, 2, 3 or first, se

    Marketing new water proof cell phones

    Develop a budget for your plan Identify quantifiable elements that can be used to evaluate, monitor, and control the effectiveness of your marketing plan. The phones will be marketed globally thru AT&T. The budget is US dollars.

    GASB Statistics

    GASB Statement 44 covers this but the original requirements were from 1979, supplemented with GASB 34 then clarified in Statement 44. But if you go to http://www.gasb.org/st/summary/gstsm44.html it talks about the original requirements in 1979 and three problems including one as a result of GASB 34. So, Statement 44 was issu

    Cultural Dimension Comparison of US and another country

    The two countries will be the United States and another country of your choice. Information of a historical, political, economic, or social nature that helps to explain the values and placement on the various cultural dimensions will be helpful. Your results will be presented in a written report. We want to educate ourse

    Research and Case Analysis

    Analyze (the attached article): Motivating Salespeople to sell new products: The Relative Influence of Attitudes, Subjective Norms, and Self-Efficacy, Frank Q. Fu, Keith A. Richards, Douglas E. Hughes, & Eli Jones, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 74 (November 2010), 61-76) The analysis should be framed against each and every o

    Financial Statements Comparison of Two Companies

    Research and find financial statements for two companies of your choosing. Drawing on information from this course (managerial accounting), write an essay summarizing which of the two is a better investment. Include your reasons, using the course material evidence. Cite the financial statements and incorporate what you have lea

    Employee Attitudes and Job Satisifaction Article: 3 major gaps in HR practice

    Need some help using the article "Employee attitudes and job satisfaction". Human Resource Management on employee attitudes and job satisfaction. This article identifies three major gaps between HR practice and the scientific research in the area of employee attitudes in general and the most focal employee attitude in particular

    Business Research and Statistics Questions

    Please provide your feedback to these Business Research and Statistics questions below. Thanks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. How about sharing some of the statistical aspect used in auditing? 2. Interesting comment: "The ultimate goal is to mak

    Consumer Behavior Article Review: Digital Video Recorders

    The article you select must report a study related to the concepts we have studied thus far in Consumer Behavior and MUST come from one of the journals listed above. (If you submit an article from a journal that is not in the list above, you will receive no credit). See attached article. For the article review, you need t

    Prepare a Business Research Proposal

    Each student will choose a business research problem or issue that they would like to research. Each Student will prepare a Business Research Proposal. The research proposal must include the following elements: (1) executive summary (2) problem statement (3) research questions (4) hypotheses (5) brief literature review (

    Analysis of the use of the scientific method in an audit situation:

    The scientific method The scientific method is a widely used technique for the determination of a cause of an event. This method can be used in scientific inquiries as well as business analysis (the process of auditing a firm would be an example) to determine its characteristics. There is a step by step process in the scientif

    Article Review: Role of Training in Main Events

    - Main theme/purpose The main purpose of this article is to analyze the foundation of event planning, i.e. Volunteerism. The author establishes a significant need for community based volunteering which is ultimately the driving force of any public event. - Research questions/Hypotheses ? Higher levels of volunteers'


    Assess how your own organization is doing on each and identify specific means that could help incorporate his ideas into the culture of your organization. Finally, feel free to disagree 1) provide a higher level of supervision. Focus supervisorsâ?? efforts on helping people to do a better job and providing tools and techniq