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GASB Statistics

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GASB Statement 44 covers this but the original requirements were from 1979, supplemented with GASB 34 then clarified in Statement 44.

But if you go to http://www.gasb.org/st/summary/gstsm44.html it talks about the original requirements in 1979 and three problems including one as a result of GASB 34. So, Statement 44 was issued.

What are the objectives of the statistical section.

What are the five categories of information it would contain?

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GASB Statement 44 "amends the portions of NCGA Statement 1, Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Principles, that guide the preparation of the statistical section."

Source: http://www.gasb.org/st/summary/gstsm44.html

The objectives of the statistical sections are three-fold and they relate to problems that were identified in the statistical section of NCGA Statement 1 which was first issued in 1979.

1. NCGA Statement 1 gave a list of 15 required schedules with no explanation as the nature or purpose of the information these ...

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The solution explains the statistical bjectives of GASB 34 and 44.

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