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How to Help Your Company Succeed

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Choose a company that you believe is doing something to negatively affect its customers and examine the problem?this problem must be researchable.
Write a brief analysis of the problem you choose.

Include facts and data from your research. Use whatever documentation your professor assigns?it will most likely be APA format, unless it is for an English course?then it will be formatted in MLA.

Once you have analyzed your problem, discuss how you, the employee of this company, will make recommendations to solve the problem. If you are employed, you may use problems you face at your "real" job.

Once you have analyzed the problem and have worked out a viable solution, then write a brief expository document, such as a report or a memo to the proper chain of command. Exposition means to explain.

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice regarding inter-office communication. Good communicators usually rise to the top. Persons with poor communications skills have a tendency to stay where they are in their positions.

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Here is a hypothetical situation you may consider. Let's say you plan to go to work for McDonalds and you want to become a manager trainee, but during your training you discover that the food at McDonalds is very unhealthy.

Okay--now you have a problem. How do you reconcile your values, that is, living a healthy life style with managing a corporation that serves food that causes obesity and general poor ...

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A brief introduction to writing inter-office communication such as letters to management and creating memos to address problems in your company that require research.