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    The Value of Acquiring a Masters Degree

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    Why does earning a Masters Degree in any field add the most value? Which managerial competencies reflect the most strength in people?

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    I personally have a MBA degree in Marketing. I started off with a bachelor of science in Psychology as my undergrad. When I graduated, I realized that there were hundreds of people in the same boat as me, with the same education, same lab work experience, similar grades. To get a good job, you need to stand out from amongst your peers.

    That is why I decided to go for a Masters degree. I really believe that having the Graduate Degree will not only add value to your educational repertoire, but will teach you skills and life lessons that will help you succeed in a professional career.

    Here are some ways that having a Grad Degree will add value to your career:

    - You can study one specific discipline, and become an 'expert' in this field. This specialization will allow you to showcase yourself as unique and valuable in the ...

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    Discusses the value of acquiring a masters or post-graduate degree.