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Success in a global environment

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Just looking for a few paragraphs to get a discussion started on the following:

What strategies do companies employ to succeed in the global environment?

How can individuals succeed in this environment?

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What strategies do companies employ to succeed in the global environment?

Companies do several things. First, they do research into the markets and the people to find the most successful fit for their products or services. Research is an important part of marketing and research development. Sometimes research will lead to modifications in a product to make it a good fit. For example, Coca Cola does a market research on the population's taste in a market they want to enter. Then they adjust the formula to meet the taste demands of those people.

Research also includes strategies like performing SWOT analysis and external environmental scans. ...

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A brief outline of the strategies, companies need to be successful in the global environment. Also, individual success in the global environment. References included.

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