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HR Team Evaluation Scenario

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The CEO asks the HR team for your organization to evaluate the training, retention, and forecasting processes currently in place. The CEO requests that you assess each process individually and send her a memo on your findings.

Write a memo regarding the status of the training, retention, and forecasting programs. In the memo, provide a recommendation for how to improve the program.

Attached are more details:

The organization has been conducting compliance training to ensure that managers understand the law, and the CEO wants to know whether the investment is worth the expense. Your organization development department conducted a pretest and a posttest assessment to determine if managerial knowledge of the law had significantly increased. Here is what they found at three different company locations:

Region 1 Region 2 Region 3
Pretest Posttest Pretest Posttest Pretest Posttest
18 21 5 13 20 27
4 11 4 16 19 26
7 24 3 22 6 14
12 22 11 21 7 23
13 26 1 12 7 22
20 26 10 25 16 20
16 26 7 13 7 25
12 24 4 11 9 19
19 22 3 16 7 13
7 26
12 15
15 22
16 23
17 22
12 25

Total Total Total Total Total Total
200 335 48 149 98 189

Given the supplied data, apply your knowledge of statistical tests and techniques to select the type that you should conduct to determine the effectiveness of the training. Based on the results of the test, what would you recommend? Should the training continue? Is there a statistically significant difference in scores between the three locations where compliance training has been conducted? How can you tell?

The organization is also attempting to forecast good managerial candidates based on assessment tests that have been given in a management training program. Based on the mean scores for each assessment, who would you recommend to continue in the managerial training program? Why?

Candidate Competency Assessment Communication Skills Math
A 4.25 3.41 65%
B 4.67 3.04 70%
C 3.58 2.3 55%
D 4.75 3 50%
E 4.33 3.78 65%
F 4 3.2 65%
G 4.42 1.96 60%
H 3.08 4.26 65%
I 3 3.03 75%
J 4.33 3.74 65%
K 4.83 3.41 75%
L 3.75 3.81 60%
M 4 3.85 75%
N 3.33 3 50%

You have also been given some information regarding average salary levels of managers after one year with the company, as well as the retention rates for first year managers for 10 office locations. Based on what you have been given, is there a correlation between salary levels and retention? What is the regression equation? How much variance is explained in retention levels based on salary?

Salary Turnover
$25,000 15%
$35,000 10%
$46,000 12%
$27,500 18%
$33,000 10%
$40,000 5%
$38,000 8%
$43,000 6%
$50,000 5%
$29,000 14%

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Based on the Pre-test and Post-test conducted in the three regions, the highlights of findings are as follows:
1. Region 1 had the highest mean rating before the training at 13.33, while Region 2 had the lowest at 5.33
2. Post-test results indicate that Region 1 is also the highest which means it has the highest performance after the training at 22.33 while the lowest score after the training was obtained by Region 3 at 10.89.
3. As to mean gain scores before and after the training (a very significant measure of the impact of training), Region 1 had 9.00, Region 2 had 11.23, and Region 3 had 10.11.
These indicate that the training program was most effective among employees in Region 2 but least effective in Region 1.
However, on the overall, the training program is still effective because in all regions, the performance of the ...

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