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    Business Ethics

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    Professional Workplace Dilemma Conflict

    Analyze a professional dilemma and values conflict, describing the experience, analyzing the ethical dilemma and evaluating the outcome and would you handle the situation any differently. Please give us much details as possible.

    Ethical Integrity and Relativism

    Answer in full detail and give full and complete explanation. Please attach on separate Word document. 1. Morris writes, "Truth is just that mapping of reality that corresponds to the way things are" (p. 25). Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? 2. "What's true for you may not be true for me." This is the bas

    Auditing questions

    Please see the attached file. Write one additional audit question for each of the categories (board, staff, donors and fund raisers, clients/customers, volunteers, society) listed in the sample audit in Appendix B of your text. Explain why each question you wrote is important to assessing an organization's ethical perfor

    Leaders and influence: base of power, politics, networking, ethical, leadership

    Questions for analysis After reading the attached case, please relate your answers to ideas on influencing. 1. Discuss what bases of power does Conrad King have? 2. Do you see politics and networking in the case? 3. What do you think of Conrad's leadership in the New Research Lab and Marion? That is, is his leadersh

    Law and ethical issues

    -Should it make any difference how the whistle is blown-internally or externally? When might it be ethically appropriate to blow the whistle (a) internally; (b) to the enforcing authorities, such as SEC regulators; and (c) to the media? -The state laws protecting whistleblowers vary enormously, but none of them protect whist

    Ethical Issues

    As the case manager, what ethical issues would you deal with in this situation? How can you advocate for your clients' needs while upholding the dialysis center's policy? Under what circumstances would it be appropriate or necessary for a health or human services organization to make an economic decision that may contrad

    Ethical Steps by Employees: whistle blower

    1. Set forth in detail what you believe to be the necessary, ethical steps an employee should take when contemplating publicly blowing the whistle regarding an employer's unethical actions. 2. With regard to Question 1, what does the employee owe the employer? Fellow employees? The public?

    Incentive plan: who can provide the ethical audit at the table of decision makers?

    If you were designing an incentive plan for a publicly traded company, whose voice do you think should provide that ethical audit at the table of decision makers? The chairman? The board of directors? The shareholders? The employees? The executive team or compensation committee? Outside consultants? Internal HR director? A combi

    You are a partner in the Denver office of a national public accounting firm.

    PROBLEM: You are a partner in the Denver office of a national public accounting firm. During the audit of one of your clients, you learn that this client is negotiating to sell some of its unproved oil and gas properties to a large investment company, which is an audit client of your New York office. Your client acquired t

    Long term Goals

    Write short essay, double spaced 3/4 to 1 page on 1. Set forth in detail the long-term goal or goals of the US Army. 2. Write short essay on: If you were given the authority, set forth three changes you would implement to help your organization achieve its long-term goals.

    Duty to Rescue

    According to writers, a change in our laws to create a new duty to rescue might change the way people think, heightening their awareness of one another as members of a community, and leading them to be more responsive to one another. Do you think the law can have such power?

    Lies in the workplace; enterprise risk; obligation to tell truth

    I would like you opinion on this: Is it ever acceptable to tell a lie in the workplace? Does a "lie" in the workplace increase or decrease Enterprise Risk? Do you feel that it is acceptable to withhold the truth to protect a fellow employee's feelings? And what about: If your boss asks you if you are looking for ano

    Ethical misconduct disaster with your President and CEO: arrested and charged

    As you and the guests arise from your tables, you are startled when your cellular phone begins vibrating with an incoming call. You excuse yourself and step into a quiet alcove in the hallway to take the call. You discover that your President/CEO has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, possession of a con

    Ethical Workplace Issue

    Can you give my your thoughts on this question? You are the HR Manager of the corporation. The CEO contacts you and tells you that Joe (the CIO) is getting along in years and maybe it is about time he retires. He asks you to work up some attractive retirement/pension estimates for him. How would you respond and why?

    Addressing Legal and Ethical Issues

    Http://www.audiocasefiles.com/cases/detail/case/9997/ Automotive Gold, Inc. v. Volkswage of America, Inc. In this analysis please answer the following from a legal rights and ethical duties standpoint: please read the case located at the above URL or identify a similiar situation addressing legal vs ethical issues from anoth

    Ethical Obligation Organizations

    Do organizations have an ethical obligation to guarantee their members' job security? Why? What are the negative domestic aspects of an organization entering the global marketplace? How should an organization balance its domestic responsibilities with its desire to expand its market through globalization or reduce costs through

    The Power Corruption Cycle

    3-4 paragraphs, summarize the example and explain how the organization's corrupted leader(s) fits in the "Power Corruption Cycle." The Power Corruption Cycle You have been asked to teach ethics to a group of managers. In one part of this course you will be discussing the "Power Corruption Cycle". Use the Library to find

    Ethical Change

    What seems to be the basis of the issue? What ethical change, deficiency, or conflict brought it about? Please see the attached file.

    Legal Right vs. Ethical Obligation

    The Hon. Justice Potter Stewart once wrote: "There is a big difference between what we have the right to do and what is right." Give four examples of possible DWI business situations which would illustrate this principle and explain. Legal Right vs. Ethical Obligation The Hon. Justice Potter Stewart once wrote: "Ther

    Ethical considerations of an audit analysis.

    On June 1, 2000, a CPA obtained a $100,000 personal loan from a financial institution client for whom the CPA provided compilation services. The loan was fully secured and considered material to the CPA's net worth. The CPA paid the loan in full on December 31, 2000. On April 3, 2001, the client asked the CPA to audit the cli

    Ethical Proposal Solution - Videotek Corporation

    Good day - For the attached case study...I need a proposed solution. I have the rest of the assignment but and struggling with this part. I need an idea to build on. If I could get help with a proposed solution. I'm looking for about 400 words, that would provide a good foundation to grow on.