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    Evaluation of ethical situations

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    1. The sheriff in a southern town is guarding the courthouse against a mob that is about to storm it by force, in order to capture a prisoner and lynch him even before his trial. If the mob is frustrated, many people may be killed in the ensuing riot. Should the sheriff deliver the prisoner to the mob?

    2. Should the wealthier members of society be forced to pay through taxation, for the poorer members? If so, how much?

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    These are my opinions; there are no right or wrong answers when dealing with ethics problems.

    1) There is a cardinal rule - innocent until proven guilty. The prisoner had every right to a fair trial, to prove his innocence. Public misperceptions could have smeared his name, and this person could be innocent of the crimes he is going on trial for. If the sheriff would deliver the prisoner to the mob, he could get lynched. It is the sheriff's responsibility to keep all ...

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    This posting looks at two ethical situations and evaluates the implications of each situation. The expert determines if sheriff delivers the prisoner to the mob.