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    Business Ethics

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    Conscience or the Competitive Edge?

    1. What were Jones options? 2. What did you consider in this decision? 3. What would you do in Jones' situation and why? The readings for this case are only three page that I attached to this file as Information PAGE 1, Information PAGE 2 and Information PAGE 3. See attached file for full problem description.

    Making Ethical Choices Per Our Individual Values

    Sometimes we are faced with choices when we have little time, and possibly no preparation. What are the advantages to role-playing those situations in advance from a managers point of view? Also, provide examples of how managers should avoid falling into ethical traps?

    Ethical Issues: Year-End Company Income

    Yoda Jones, controller for the Jedi Company, is preparing the company's income statement at year-end. He notes that the company lost a considerable sum on the sale of some equipment it had decided to replace. He does not want to highlight the losses since he feels that will reflect poorly on him and on the company. He reasons

    Predatory Lending

    1. What unethical methods and strategies are used by companies for high profit in the areas of consumer credit and some types of insurance? 2. How are individuals persuaded to take jobs with companies which practice taking advantage of others?

    Ethical Integrity

    If, as Paine asserts in the article, the ethical composition of the individual defines the ethical composition of the organization, then who you are will influence the values of your organization. 1. Discuss how one's ethical composition influences practices and outcomes in an organization using at least two ethical theories

    Preparing paper on International Legal and Ethical Issues

    Prepare a paper regarding the key decision-maker in the simulation based on the results of the simulation Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues that address the following: 1) Explain why Gentura would be in breach of its contract with Cad Mex Pharma. 2) What remedies might be available for such breach? 3)

    Research the Salt Lake City Olympics scandal and address specific issues that link to Bigtown's situation. Part B - Prepare a 4-6 slide presentation for your boss to give to the mayor answering the questions below. Your main points should be listed on the slides and the specific information to support each point must be explained in the notes section of the PowerPoint slide.

    You work for the city of Bigtown's legal department. Bigtown has been trying for years to attract more convention business, but it has been unsuccessful to date. The new mayor was voted in on the tagline, "I'll make Bigtown the place to see and be seen." It's been six months since the mayor's inauguration, but tourism is, if

    Ethical Issue: Networked Economy

    Name the top ethical issue in the networked economy today. Note why it is important and discuss what things can be done to work deal with any problems it raises.

    Ethical Issues with Drug Manufacturers

    1. What are the ethical responsibilities for drug manufactures? Is any drug completely safe, or is the ethical principle "Do no harm" a relative guide? 2. Should the DFA require the pharmaceutical industry to conduct more elaborate premarket drug testing or in crease monitoring of customers' use of the drug? 3. Although le

    Outline of an ethical political strategy

    Include an outline of an ethical political strategy designed to help Michael secure and excel in the job you think he should pursue. What dependencies exist? Think not only in terms of Michael's workplace, but also, his home. ? Do Michael's colleagues demonstrate legitimate or illegitimate political behaviour? Explain. ? W

    Absolutism vs. Relativism

    Describe which type of belief most closely mimics beliefs and why. PASSAGE: While we cannot begin to cover all of the topics possible, you might select one or two contemporary issues around which ethics have changed because of external and social elements. As an example, you might consider how technological changes have a

    Ethical Theory

    Shutdown at Eastland When Speedy Motors Company closed its assembly plant in Eastland, Michigan, lobbyists for the organized labor cited the case as one more reason why the federal government should pass a law regulating plant closings. With less than a month's notice, the company laid off nearly 2,000 workers and permanently

    interpretations of Ethical Behaviour

    Make a small interpretation on the below results, and apply them to personal and professional development. Include a statement explaining how educational experience has impacted ethical thinking. This analysis should address use of ethics in thinking and decision-making and potential for conflict in situations with people who ha

    Is persuading unethical?

    If you must persuade your audience to take some action, aren't you being manipulative and unethical? Explain.

    Week 2 DQ#1

    Which critical thinking elements are most applicable to ethical reasoning? Which elements are your strengths and which elements are your weaknesses? (Consider perception, assumption, emotions, language, argument, fallacy, logic, and problem solving.)

    1. The CFO of your company has asked your team to develop a set of internal guidelines that will ensure that the finance department adheres to the highest of ethical standards for financial forecasting. Without consideration of any legal requirements develop a set of procedures that will facilitate this objective.

    1. The CFO of your company has asked your team to develop a set of internal guidelines that will ensure that the finance department adheres to the highest of ethical standards for financial forecasting. Without consideration of any legal requirements develop a set of procedures that will facilitate this objective. 2. You were

    Internal Financial Management Report: Ethical obligations, credibility, accuracy

    Prepare an internal financial management report with recommendations on how an (or your personal organization) organization can ethically meet financial reporting obligations including financial forecasting. Include in your report current regulations and industry practices that are designed to ensure the credibility and ac

    Ethical issues

    By paying a large tip to secure a better table in a restuarant is the same as offering a bribe in business to secure a contract . Defend or oppose this statement.

    Ethical areas of the web

    Discuss some of these other ethical areas of the web: A. Gambling over the internet B. Fraud - list and discuss fraud over the internet. How can you protect yourself and others and/or your company? C. Buyer protection - what is a buyer's right and protection. Why? D. Sellers protection - should a seller over the web

    The health care system

    Are issues of ethical concern regulated and assessed adequately in the U.S. healthcare system? Why or why not?

    Important information about truth

    I don't think we can actually give a technical definition of truth-at least not one that can be used to verify the truth of statements. Truth is just a label we attach to those of our beliefs that we hold very strongly, and different people have different processes for evaluating beliefs and attaching the label. Exercises

    Ethical Decision Model is described, the relevance to business is examined in the solution, circumstantial constraints are examined, the modes are examined, options are evaluated.

    Can someone on your staff help me complete my writing assignment using the ethical decision model 4 step process. Please see the attached document Ethical Decision Model - Step one Clarify the question Ethical Decision Model Step - 2 determining its relevance for this business Ethical Decision Model Step - 3 Identify the

    Walmart - Ethical Standards

    Can you please expand what I already have on the article below. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A9086-2005Apr22.html See attached file for full problem description.