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    What ethical problems do you see in conducting experiments with human subjects?

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    What ethical problems do you see in conducting experiments with human subjects?

    Distinguish between the following: Internal validity and external validity.

    How do environmental factors affect response rates in personal interviews? How can we overcome these environmental problems?

    Distinguish among response error, interviewer error, and non-response error.

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    When a human is asked to complete a study, they usually have to sign a release form stating that they know everything that is going to happen in the research, that they know that they can leave the study at any time and that there is no psychological harm in them completing the study.

    This is nice for the subject, however, it can ruin the purpose of the experiment. If you are testing a stimuli that you want to record spontaneously, you can't do this since the human subject needs to know what the experiment is about. Therefore, sometimes researcher try to work around this by deceiving the person in the experiment into thinking that they are testing one thing, when in reality they are testing something else. This ...

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    The ethical problems seen in conducting experiments with human subjects are discussed. Internal validity and external validity are analyzed. The solution distingishes between response error, interviewer error and non-response error.